How To Feel Beautiful & Magnetic, According To Lupita Nyong'o & Other A-Listers

July 20, 2017

It’s one thing to have fabulous bone structure and a show-stopping figure–but it’s quite another to actually feel beautiful. And even when your appearance meets conventional standards of beauty (for all that they’re worth), it’s not always easy to be confident. Celebrities certainly aren’t immune to self-doubt despite their covetable looks (and team of stylists, trainers, and the works!). Feeling beautiful–inside and out–can take some work, but it makes a difference! We’ve all met those people who, regardless of their bust size and lash length, just radiate beauty, warmth, and joy–and those are usually the people we cherish the most. Below are 10 female celebrities on how to feel beautiful–inside, out, and everywhere in between. Hopefully, their diverse answers will inspire you to pursue what makes you feel your best!

10 Female Celebs on How to Feel Beautiful

Respect Yourself–and Don’t Fear Aging (You Get Better with Time!)

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“I feel much better about myself, actually. When you get older you start to have respect for yourself and value certain things and choices you’ve made in your life that have given you strength. I’m much more comfortable with who I am, and I’m even thinking that I don’t look so bad. I feel a lot sexier these days than I ever have.” —Reese Witherspoon

Be a Good Person

How To Feel Beautiful, According To 10 Female Celebrities

“I come from a loving, supportive family, and my mother taught me that there are more valuable ways to achieve beauty than just through your external features. She was focused on compassion and respect, and those are the things that ended up translating to me as beauty. Beautiful people have many advantages, but so do friendly people … I think beauty is an expression of love … to rely on the way you look is empty. You’re a pretty face — and then what? Your value is in yourself; the other stuff will come and go. We don’t get to pick the genes we want. There’s room in this world for beauty to be diverse.” —Lupita Nyong’o

Get Cookin’

How To Feel Beautiful, According To 10 Female Celebrities

“Cooking makes me feel sexy. I think there’s something so sensual about it—the smells, the touches, the flavors, the experience of creating something. And, you know, when you’re doing it with someone you love, creating that together. I think it’s really attractive.”–Blake Lively

Have Confidence

How To Feel Beautiful, According To 10 Female Celebrities

“The most alluring thing a woman can have is confidence. You can be beautiful but if you’re not secure in yourself, you don’t come across as sexy. You have to feel good about yourself to make others feel good about you. Don’t focus on the bits you don’t like. Look at yourself in a different way and work out what it is you do like.” –Beyoncé

Hang with Positive People

How To Feel Beautiful, According To 10 Female Celebrities

“I’ve seen people … who want to be thinner or have bigger boobs, and how it wears them down. I don’t want that in my life. I have insecurities, of course, but I don’t hang out with anyone who points them out to me.”–Adele

Pursue Your Fitness Goals

“I totally hit the runner’s wall at mile 21 and it was easily the hardest thing I’ve ever done to keep going. Fitness helps you get in touch with who you are.”–Alison Sweeney

Embrace Yourself

“[After gaining 15 pounds] I was having cappuccinos every day! I would take my clothes off in front of the mirror and be like, ‘Oh, I look like a woman.’ And I felt beautiful, and I never tried to lose it [the weight], ’cause I loved it.”–Christina Hendricks

Get Glam!

“Sexy dresses! Probably just a night out. That’s about it. When you get out, you dress up a little bit. That’s always good.”–Julianne Moore

Know that You Have Something to Offer the World

“What makes someone really sexy—and you can feel it when they talk to you or even just when they walk into a room—is the sense that they know they have something to contribute. They might be funny, smart, or really kind, but they know it and when someone has that strong sense of self-worth, it’s really sexy.”–Eva Mendes

Be Open to Love

How To Feel Beautiful, According To 10 Female Celebrities

“I think I feel most beautiful when someone that I love and trust tells me that I am. Then you really do feel it. When people you trust and have affection for tell you that you’re beautiful then you really feel like it’s special.” —Scarlett Johansson

What makes you feel most beautiful?

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