Holiday Gift Ideas for Your 5 Types of Friends

December 17, 2015
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Holiday Gift Ideas for Your 5 Types of FriendsHappy almost winter holidays! Here is the holidays shopping guide I curated for your friends of five different personality/character types–you definitely know you have these friends!

The one who needs to chill, the oh-so-fancy one, the one you secretly want as your personal chef, the one who wears the same clothes everyday, and the one who hates the winter cold.

FRIEND #1: The One Who Needs to Chill
Whether your friend is a chronic-worrier, a workaholic, or someone who hasn’t had a great year, or your super hyperactive one who needs to calm down, he or she would love the following self-pampering and relaxation-inducing gifts.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Your 5 Types of Friends

Soy-based candles from Ash and Ember Studios, $12
Made with pure soy and an all-cotton wick, these candles will be sure to take your friend to chill-town without accidentally poisoning them with the volatile organic compounds found in many commercial varieties. The festive scents include warm apple pie, cinnamon bun, Santa’s cookies, and gingerbread house.. how fun! Plus, the labels are made with recycled paper, and your friend can even reuse the tin can after the candle burns out to hold his or her daily reminder to chillax.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Your 5 Types of Friends

FSC certified, acid-free set of notebooks from Public Supply, $32
What better way to calm someone down than to give them notebooks to get their life together, reorganize their schedules, jot down rambling thoughts, or simply doodle in? These notebooks are made with Forest Stewardship Council certified, acid-free paper. This means that the paper comes from sustainably-harvested wood… At least killing our forests won’t be one of your friend’s worries.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Your 5 Types of Friends

Dreaming Oil from Farmaesthetics, $27
If your friend is too lazy to light candles or write down deep thoughts, just give them this special calming potion for them to inhale. The relaxing scent is made from a mix of certified organic lavender, sage, and soybean essential oils.. none of the sketchy potential nuero-toxins or harmful substances found in many mass-produced perfumes or artificially scented products.

FRIEND #2: The Oh-So-Fancy One
We all have friends who like to bling up sometimes, whether on a daily basis or just for special occasions. Help add to their collection with the following do-good-and-look-good gifts.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Your 5 Types of Friends

5-Free nail varnish from Zoya, $9
If your nail-color-obsessed friend has no idea that almost all commercial varieties of nail polish contain five substances potentially toxic to the human body, well, this might just be the time to let that friend know. But do so gently with a gift from Zoya, a brand that makes professional quality nail polish free of those toxins. With numerous eye-catching hues, Zoya shows that there is no need to sacrifice health for beauty.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Your 5 Types of Friends

The Apex Ring from Una, $64
How about a do-good-look-good ring that maybe doubles as a self-defense weapon? This 18k gold-plated ring made with recycled remnants of war from Cambodia looks so sharp with its beautiful, modern cuts.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Your 5 Types of Friends

“Nikki” Bucket Bag from Freedom of Animals, $380
Made with post-consumer and cruelty-free eco-faux leather and organic cotton lining, this bucket bag will not only add style to your friend’s wardrobe, but also a sense of purpose. The fashion industry is one of the largest polluters in the world, but thanks to eco-conscious brands like Freedom of Animals merging sustainability with sexy, we have hope for a fresher and eco-friendlier future for fashion.

FRIEND #3: The One You Secretly Want As Your Personal Chef
Do you have friends or family members who are so good at cooking you secretly want to hire them as your personal chefs? I do. And what better way prep them for when our dreams come true than to gift them with some healthy kitchen accessories? ?

Holiday Gift Ideas for Your 5 Types of Friends

Fruit & veggie wash by The Honest Company
When you finally hire your friend as your personal chef, you will first need to make sure he or she washes your veggies and fruits well with The Honest Company’s fruit & veggie wash. Many conventional produce have sketchy pesticide/herbicide chemical residues on them and may require a more thorough wash than a simple rinse with water.

Healthy aluminum based cooking pans by GreenPan
Next, make sure your friend doesn’t cook with pans that contain lead (toxic when ingested) by giving them a pan from GreenPan, a company that makes beautiful cookware with safe materials only. The health and eco-conscious brand also upcycles used materials to make the handles of their pots and pans, thus reducing waste and cutting down on their environmental impacts!

GOTS certified organic kitchen cloths by The Organic Company
At the end of your private meal, help your chef friend clean your kitchen by providing him or her with these certified organic cotton kitchen towels. But maybe get two, because you should really help out, too.

Friend #4: The One Who Wears the Same Thing Every Day
Time for a wardrobe makeover, my friend. While high quality, ethically-made, and eco-conscious clothes do not usually come with fast-fashion, single-digit price tags (made possible with cheap labor, cheap materials, and cheap chemical inputs), these quality fashion pieces, a part of the “slow-fashion movement,” are made to last- just like you would want your friendship to, right?

Since you know your friend’s style better than I do, I’ve included three stylish and eco-conscious retailers for you to look through for yourself!


Velour sweatshirt, $65

Zady (For the ladies and the lads)
If you’re looking for classy pieces fit for every wardrobe along with an inspirational and educational shopping experience, you have to check out Zady. Through detailed and heartfelt storytelling of how each brand makes its products from sourcing to manufacturing, Zady transforms the act of buying something simply based on looks into an act of connecting with the product based on its backstory.


Kyoto Lake Dress, $174

A Boy Named Sue (For the ladies)
With the more laid-back style that it curates, A Boy Named Sue is made for that friend who needs comfort, elegance, and thoughtfulness all rolled into one. Maybe you’ll finally find something new your friend can live in for the year 2016.


Romper, $150

Reve En Vert (For the ladies)
Didn’t think the words “ethical” or “eco-friendly” can go with “fashion-forward” or “stylish”? Perhaps Reve En Vert will prove you wrong. With its dedication to sustainability, quality, respect, and longevity, this trendy retailer is making the statement “Green is the new black” a real thing.

Friend #5: The One Who Hates the Winter Cold
Holiday Gift Ideas for Your 5 Types of FriendsNot everyone is a fan of beautiful white winter wonderlands.. But to be fair, some winters are just really harsh and hard to love (looking at you, Windy City). Help your winter-loathing friend (or self) get through this chilly season with the following pampering gifts of love!

Henne Luxury Organic Lip Balm, $22
This luxuriously rich lip balm made with USDA certified organic ingredients will be sure to keep your friend pampered throughout this winter. It might not shield your friend from the cold, but it will keep him or her safe from unappealing and uncomfortable chapped or cracked lips and skin!

Green & Black’s Organic Hot Chocolate, $16.89
Who can resist some rich and aromatic hot chocolate that is almost weird to drink in any other climate other than the cold? Satisfy your friend’s body, mind, and sweet tooth with Green & Black’s hot chocolate made with high quality, organic cocoa beans!


What are some of your thoughtful gift ideas?

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