Increase Your Hip Mobility For Healthy, Balanced Hips (Video)

March 22, 2022

The hip is a complex major weight bearing joint and takes part in many movements. The lack of mobility in that area may affect the knees, back, restrict movement, and general performance as much of the force your body generates comes from the hips.

Sedentary lifestyle puts our bodies in to a passive flexed position which over time may create various imbalances in other areas of the body. Many movements /sports disciplines don’t explore various ranges of motion of that joint neither ( focusing just on one or two) therefore it is important for us to balance it with all the ranges, directions our hip can move.

In part 1 we explore beginner-friendly drills for internal & external rotation, flexion and extension. Follow along!

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Photo & Video: Dorota Rozko

Dorota Rozko
Dorota loves moment in any form. She’s a 500 E-RYT Yoga (power, vinyasa, hatha, restorative, aerial), Pilates and dance teacher, and personal trainer. She also holds various fitness, nutrition, Ayurvedic qualifications as she believes it's important to work on different components of fitness using various forms. Apart from the movement forms mentioned above she practices CrossFit. She’s lived ,worked and studied in Poland, Australia , India, Bermuda, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and is currently based in Spain. She’s been teaching courses and workshops for yoga , fitness teachers and personal trainers. During her over 16 years experience in the wellness industry, she’s come across various imbalances, dysfunctions , injuries which affected peoples lives, limited their training progress, decreased their performance, worsened the quality of life. Realizing that the traditionally used techniques, methods, alignments often don’t work, she started seeking for solutions. Studies with Anatomy Trains, Functional Range Conditioning (she’s a Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist) and contortionists gave her a deeper understanding of movement, joints, fascia and the importance of mobility, flexibility, and an individualized approach. Follow Dorota on Instagram @dorotarozko and find out more on her website,


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