Here's What Supermodel & Activist Angela Lindvall Says Will Heal The Planet

November 14, 2016

Here's What Supermodel and Activist Angela Lindvall Says Will Heal the Planet

Angela Lindvall has graced the covers of iconic magazines like Vogue, Elle, and Bazaar and modeled for the world’s top fashion brands. While she may be recognized as one of the most successful supermodels in the industry, she is also a mother of two, an environmental activist, a kundalini yoga teacher, and a health coach. How does she do it all and stay centered? At a recent speaking engagement for L.A.’s “Do Good. Be Green” event on Nov. 5, Lindvall reveals how she balances a demanding career, taking care of her family, and saving the planet. The event was beautifully hosted by Love Goodly, a company that delivers non-toxic, vegan beauty and wellness products to your door. Everyone who attended the event got to interact with and learn from the latest brands in eco-friendly fashion and beauty.

Love Goodly’s cofounders, Justine Lassoff and Katie Bogue Miller, led the talk to find out how Lindvall became an advocate for a green lifestyle and how she practices it in her daily life. Growing up in Kansas City, Missouri, Lindvall was raised in nature with a mother who believed in natural birthing methods, sustainable agriculture, and creating her own organic beauty products. Lindvall said she grew up Green before many people even knew what the phrase “Be Green” meant. She recounted her early years in the fashion industry when people thought she was “cuckoo” for her eco-conscious enthusiasm. Since then, Lindvall has hosted one of the first “Green” fashion shows in New York City’s Fashion Week and started her own non-profit, The Collage Foundation, which advocates environmental awareness and supports the Rockland Farm Alliance, local farmland communities that are a model for sustainably grown food.

The power of change is in our hands,” Lindvall told all of us.

Many believe changing the world is a job so big that only those at the top can make a difference. On the contrary, Lindvall believes the power to change comes from the bottom up. Start locally, she advised. Much like the Rockland Farm Alliance was built, change starts within each of us first and gains momentum in local community before it reaches the entire world. We can choose not to put our money into the big companies that are harming the environment and our own health. As Love Goodly encourages us, “Vote with your wallet!”

Lindvall kept returning to the importance of connecting with ourselves to find our own truth. Whether it’s through yoga or meditation, discovering who we are as consciousness and souls will bring us happiness without the need for external validation. This allows for a simplification of life and an understanding of the power within each of us. As a mentor for younger women, this sort of guidance is what Lindvall gives to those starting out in the modeling industry, which places so much value on external beauty and materialism.

The search for truth within ourselves leads to our search for truth within the world we live.

“Be aware of what’s in your products,” Lindvall said. She warned everyone that there are a lot of smoke and mirrors in both the fashion industry and in big company advertising. When asked which products Lindvall herself loves to use, she mentioned Sonya Dakar and Shiva Rose skin care. She also revealed a few of her favorite DIY face mask ingredients: mashed bananas, oranges, honey, and lemon juice!

Becoming a mom at a young age, Lindvall had to quickly learn how to balance a high-profile modeling career with being present for her kids. She talked about how becoming a mother affected her life and how the struggle to “do it all” is so common for women these days. Lindvall relies on a few things to keep her grounded and centered in the midst of all the busyness. She has a self-care routine that includes body work, essential oil baths, meditation, and activities that connect her to nature.  She also emphasized the importance of reaching out for help and allowing other women in your community to support you.

“That Mother energy is what’s going to heal the planet…It takes a village,” she told the audience.

Lindvall is definitely the kind of woman I’d want in my village. As a supermodel, she may be seen as one of the most glamorous women in the world, but as a human being living her truth, she’s as down to earth as they get. At the end of the interview, Lindvall said her spirit animal is the crow. “Crows represent transformation…bringing the darkness into light.” That’s exactly what Lindvall is doing and inspiring others to do as well.

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What steps are you taking to make a difference for the planet? 

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