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Healthy Snacks: Strawberry Spinach Green Smoothie

Strawberry Spinach Smoothie, Green Smoothie, Vegan, Raw Foods
This mild, fruity green smoothie is the perfect choice for hesitant, green drink newbies.

These days, the wellness-obsessed (myself included) are on a green smoothie craze (ahem, or a green juice craze, depending.  There’s ongoing debate between the smoothie camp and the juice camp. Presently, I’m saving up for a juicer, so I’m on the sidelines for now, but I will say that either green option is probably way better than the Cheerios and milk I had every morning in college.)

Indeed—a few years ago, if you told me that I’d be drinking spinach, celery, and lettuce every morning, I probably would have 1.) made a “yucky” face, and two 2.) not believed you.  Fortunately, I was brave enough try the oddly magical blend of greens and fruit, and now, no morning is quite the same without it. As you may have already discovered yourself, green smoothies, when made properly, don’t necessarily taste vegetablely.  Rather, they taste like delicious, fresh goodness…like pure energy…like new life!…am I getting a little corny?  Just try one.

To be a little more technical here: Green smoothies are a wonderful way to get plenty of greens in your diet.  Having them blended (or pre-chewed, if you will) makes for easier digestion.  Most green drink gurus recommend substituting a variety of greens and seasonal fruits.  The options are really endless.

Whether you’re new to green smoothies or you’re a green drink veteran, I encourage you to try this easy, spinach strawberry smoothie.  Sweet strawberries carry the flavor while avocado and banana provide a lovely, creamy texture.  It’s perfect for those mornings when you’re craving something a little richer but would still like to keep things raw.  For a some extra jazz in your step, add a few fresh mint leaves.

Strawberry Spinach Smoothie, Green Smoothie, Raw Foods, Vegan

Strawberry Spinach Green Smoothie


(Serves 1)

1 generous handful of spinach

1 small, ripe avocado

1 cup fresh or frozen strawberries

1 ripe banana

1 cup water

Sprig of fresh mint (optional)


Blend all of the ingredients—enjoy immediately.  Don’t be alarmed if you start glowing from within 😉

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Photos: Mary Hood


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