Gisele's Stylist Harry Josh Gives Advice For Hair & Life So Good, They Give You Chills

June 18, 2018

Recently at PD HQ, we’ve been having some serious conversations about…hair. For Mary, 2018 is her “year of hair,” which means finding effortless styles that work with her new-mom schedule. I on the other hand, firmly subscribe to the French philosophy that the older you get, the more polished your hair has to become so that it balances out your skin. That to me, is on par with “Always wear sunscreen” on the pedestal of words of wisdom. I’m 31, so I’m coveting shiny, blown-out long layers that make me at least *look* like a woman who has it all together, ahem.

My natural hair is super thick, numerous, healthy, straight, and grows like a weed. But I don’t enjoy coddling my hair or styling it; blow-drying until your arm falls off is hardly relaxing like slathering your face with serum. I don’t even own a hairdryer because I don’t want to buy anything that will eventually get thrown out. This results in some haphazard hair days, all in the name of sustainable lifestyle.

Enter Gisele Bündchen’s hair stylist Harry Josh.Gisele's Hair Stylish Harry Josh

These two…always palling around

As we know, Gisele is one of the most outspoken/visible conservation and environment warriors on the planet. She trots the world as a UN Ambassador, speaks about environmental protection in front of world leaders at President Emanuel Macron’s invitation, cleans rivers in Brazil, stands up for safekeeping the Amazon, calls out ocean plastic problem, composts at home, and talks normally not-conscious designers like Donatella Versace into designing eco-friendly gowns for her to wear and promote. But I didn’t expect her BFF stylist Harry Josh to be as outspoken about these issues as Gisele–and he’s actually vegan.

Harry Josh’s Instagram is a delight for anyone who needs hair goals and vegan inspiration at the same time. Here, he’s giving the fiercest Italian movie star half-up do to supermodel Lily Aldridge. There, he’s posting about veganism and how pigs are no different from dogs. Here, he’s literally making Pinterest history with 21st century volume blow-out on Taylor Hill. There, he’s blasting fur brands like Canada Goose and calling out exotic skin wearers. In a world where we’re busy showing the prettiest side of ourselves, and especially in the hyper image-conscious fashion industry, Harry Josh isn’t afraid to speak the truth.Lily Aldridge hair by Harry Josh

I saw Lily Aldridge wear her hair half-up, so *I* wore my hair half-up.

Taylor Hill's blow-out that broke Pinterest

Yes, you’ve definitely seen this photo before, the Taylor Hill blow-out that broke Pinterest. And it’s by Harry Josh.

Harry Josh’s Best Advice For Hair & Life

  1. Don’t wash your hair every day. He suggests washing every other day for fine hair, and as little as once a week for thick/coarse hair. Do a blow-out after the wash and preserve as much as possible!
  2. For the best blow-dry: invest in a high-quality blow dryer like his Harry Josh Dryer with ionic technology, use a heat-protectant, and use a lot of tension with the brush. Turn the nozzle down the hair shaft, always. Never put the dryer directly on the hair to keep it looking healthy!Gisele's Stylish Swears By *This* French Blow-DryerHarry Josh Pro Tools Pro Dryer 2000 uses ionic technology to cut drying time in half and is handmade in France. $249 so ultra splurge, but it is meant to be a lifetime device (2,000 hours guaranteed)–and it is the key to all the VS models’ blow-outs…
  3. To cut drying time, you can put your hair in a turban before blow-drying. But if you have frizzy hair, you have to blow-dry right away.
  4. To grow thick, strong, healthy hair, make sure you use the best products. Harry Josh also suggests you try supplements like HUM, vegan gummies with biotin (healthy appearance), folic acid (healthy growth of cells), B12, zinc, and PABA (wards off gray). And they’re shaped like little hearts! <3 weeee!Gisele's Stylist Says *This* Is The Supplement For Healthy Hair
  5. If you’re busy and not really into spending hours on your hair every day, Harry Josh says, “I think a top knot or messy bun always looks cool. Don’t forget about hair accessories.” Given Meghan Markle has brought the messy bun back in a major way, I’m ready to default to this whenever my long polished layers thing doesn’t work out.So this is way above my usual “do a pony then pull my hair half-way through” bun. But what is life without goals?
  6. On patience: “I think it’s important for people to understand that most people who happen to be “successful” have been at it for literally years before having their big break. I happen to be friends with some very famous people and they all had crazy struggles for a long time before they became household names…We seem to be living in a society where everyone wants overnight success, the short cut to fame, especially in the land of social media. I can assure you from my own experience, the reward is much sweeter when you have worked for it and actually feel like you deserve it. The universe can always see what kind of energy you’re putting into your daily actions and it’s always giving you powerful lessons along the way…It took me 12 years before I had my big break in NYC, I slept on a sofa for 7 years! My mindset never changed even through every adversity that was thrown my way. Dream big, work hard and be a good person and help other people along the way. I promise you it will all come back to you once you remove the timeline of when you need it to happen.”
  7. On envy: “Like most people I was shocked to arrive here and meet another 100 people from around the world also coming here to “make it”. Intuitively the best thing I ever did while I was here was ALWAYS celebrate someone else doing well, to me it was a sign from the universe saying you want greatness, I’m showing it to you all over the place every day. In my mind it meant I was in the right frequency to have it come to me as well… Imagine that the universe wanted you to lose the promotion because it has something better in store for you. Perception is everything. Accept everything that comes your way and trust it’s supposed to be exactly that way for a reason and change your perception to help cultivate good feelings that take your vibrations higher. Once you’re in a good place watch any bit of jealousy or competition disappear and be replaced with nothing but full faith that it’s coming to you to one day too.

So. Powerful.


What are your current hair goals? 

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Photo: Harry Josh via Instagram; HUM


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