How Halle Berry Stays Timeless At Age 52—From DIY Facial To Healthy Sips

February 19, 2019

How do you feel about the word “anti-aging”? At 31 and inching my way to 32, I don’t think there is anything wrong with not trying to look younger than your years…theoretically. Personally, though, my self-image age is a lot younger than my biological age. My mom had two little children by the time she was 31—by contrast, I’m currently fulfilling my personal dream of living in France, which certainly would have been much more complicated if I even had a partner. Since Millennial women have been delaying the traditional steps of growing older, I’ve found we’ve become more interested in looking like the age we feel like inside.


For anyone on the same boat, Halle Berry is the role model of role models. The Oscar-winning actress seems to be aging at a rate of about a few months per chronological year, amiright? What really makes it feel inspiring rather than so-unfair is that she’s been outspoken about her health struggles with diabetes, and works hard to maintain her physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. While her ethereal beauty feels at times, overwhelmingly unreal (like staring directly at the sun?), how she talks about it and works on her self-care is just so real.

Without further ado, here are ways Halle Berry maintains her inner and outer glow. You might want to take notes!

She works out most days, if not every day.

Halle is a fan of boxing, martial arts, and calisthenics-based training with celebrity coach Peter Lee Thomas. Just look at these two. (Fire emoji x 10)

Even when she’s traveling, she makes it a point to go for a 30-minute run followed by several basic, but efficient exercises. Note to self: keep being active throughout life. No excuses.

She drinks coffee spiked with collagen, plus tea throughout the day.

She starts her day with coffee spiked with collagen powder. Throughout the day we enjoys Calli Green Tea and Fortune Delight tea, which she calls her favorite: “this sugar-free hydrating drink mix is loaded with antioxidants which also help to clean out my system and aid in maintaining a healthy weight.”

Halle Berry's Go-To Tea

Fortune Delight by Sunrider contains chrysanthemum, jasmine, and camellia extracts.

She meditates regularly.

“helps me connect to that inner strength and move more easily through the tough times.” Choose a pose that physically challenges you, but that you can hold for at least 5 minutes. In the first minute, start by bringing your attention to whatever difficulty you’re facing and hold them in your mind’s eye. In the second minute, tell the feelings to leave your body (“I imagine the feelings leaving and dancing in front of me.”) For the next minute, create a welcoming space for those expelled feelings because “resistance only makes them stronger.” Let them play out. For the 4th minute, tell yourself that you have the ultimate power over those feelings, and imagine the best possible scenario for your circumstances. Finally, spend the last minute in a space of gratitude.

For life-changing results, Halle recommends you devote 20 minutes a day to meditation. Okay, will do!

She uses a really good anti-aging face mask.

Halle is a fan of Olga Lorencin Ageless Facial In A Box. It comes in 2 steps: no-rinse peel, followed by a no-rinse overnight mask. It’s designed to tackle dryness, flakiness, uneven tone, T-zone, and general lack of glow. The hydrating mask contains silver mushroom extract that gives 400x more hydration than hyaluronic acid, or so the brand claims. It’s now on sale at QVC for $78, and if you consider this as an alternative to a facial at a spa, then it’s a fair investment.

Halle Berry's favorite anti-aging secretsOlga Lorencin Ageless Facial In A Box

She’s all about balance and taking care of yourself from inside out.

Taking the time to read a book in bed, watch the sunset while sipping your favorite wine, cuddling with your dog and cat and in bed, and dancing in the rain are all ways Halle decompresses and keeps her inner flame alive.

Is anyone else really wanting to try everything? I might finally give the vegan collagen thing a try…

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Photo: Halle Berry via Instagram


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