Guide to a Perfect Vegan St. Patrick's Day!

March 3, 2015


Are you excited for St. Patrick’s Day? You don’t have to be Irish to get excited over this first spring holiday. Here’s how to have the best vegan St. Patrick’s Day ever–what to wear, how to party, and of course, what to eat and drink!

Upon rising: Move! Most of us know that starting our day with exercise provides essential energy and level-headedness to keep us going. On St. Patrick’s Day, forgo your morning run or Zumba class in lieu of a festive step-dance routine. This multi-part tutorial will teach you how to jig- no experience required. You will feel like a pro before you know it!

For breakfast: Why not whip up a fresh batch of Irish soda bread? (Or this variation for the gluten-sensitive.) It’s delicious spread with jam or drizzled with vegan honey. Add a mug of Irish coffee for an extra treat!


Getting ready: Make sure you incorporate some green into your look. You don’t want to risk getting pinched! This eyeshadow might do the trick. If it’s a little much for you, throw on this pair of organic cotton socks.

For a snack: St. Patrick’s Day is not complete without a Shamrock Shake (but not the commercial variety, of course). Go with this recipe for a low-fat rendition or this recipe for high-fat, low-carb.


If you’re looking for a more authentic taste, blend up some non-dairy milk, non-dairy ice cream, and natural green food coloring. (Buy it here or make your own!)

For dinner: How about a cruelty-free vegan corned beef & cabbage dish and a vegan-friendly Irish brew? And don’t forget about dessert- vegan Irish potato candy!


At night: Get ready to party. Whether you are gearing up for a night on the town or planning to stay in, some Celtic tunes are sure to lift your spirits. Enter the Haggis and Flogging Molly are two good picks. Plus you can whip out some new dance moves from your morning routine!

Guide to a Perfect Vegan St. Patrick's Day!

The perfect St. Patty’s day going-out dress

Green sequin dress at ASOS, $72

Before bed: Wind down with some clover tea. It may not be four-leafed, but it has so many health benefits that it’s almost lucky. Add to the self-care by giving yourself a DIY pedicure, complete with green vegan polish. A perfect end to a perfect day!

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