Gisele's Diet & Daily Rituals Are The Most Inspiring Wellness Situation We've Seen

September 27, 2018


Gisele's Enviable Wellness Life Will Give You All The FeelsNot a day goes by when a celebrity doesn’t launch a clothing brand, lifestyle site, or an honest-to-goodness book. But we can’t be any more excited over the upcoming release of Gisele Bündchen’s Lessons: My Path To A Meaningful Life. Despite being the world’s most famous supermodel, Gisele insists that that is a public persona that has nothing to do with who she really is inside. “In an effort to protect myself and to avoid getting hurt or feeling objectified, I created a shield around myself. The private me was Gisele, but the model Gisele was her. That’s what I called her, too–her,” she reveals in the memoir slash wellness codex.

Unfazed by the stratospheric success, glamour, and materialism of the fashion world, in 2015 Gisele decided to reduce her modeling career and opened a new chapter dedicated to family, environmental advocacy, balance, and self-fulfillment. But don’t confuse Gisele’s brand of wellness with goopy bohemian jetsettism: she doesn’t endorse buying luxury “wellness” products or consulting dubious gurus, instead spending chapters on finding answers from the inside (aka, free) and dedicating oneself to service.

“Life can be magical. But living it well takes work, focus, patience, compassion, determination, and discipline. Jealousy, or comparing yourself with anyone, is a toxic recipe. Jealousy only produces feelings of never being good enough. I believe we are–each of us, singular in our own way. We each have something unique to offer, which only we can give to the world,” Gisele writes.

What may seem like blithe commentary from one of the world’s most beautiful and successful women–sure, it’s easy for Gisele not to be overwhelmed by insecurities–turns out to be thoughtfully distilled ethos of a humble and lifelong learner. As a child, she says, “I spent a long time scrubbing between the tiles with a toothbrush until you could have eaten a meal off the floor…Whether I was scrubbing bathroom tiles, studying hard to do well in school, or playing sports, I always brought an intense focus and motivation to everything I did.”

Even now, her unbelievably charmed life is full of quiet, disciplined positivity that begs to be embraced by all. Are you ready?!

Gisele’s Daily Routine

  1. She wakes up to the sound of the ocean. Her phone’s alarm is charmingly set to ocean sounds (she sets it at airplane mode to minimize sleep-disrupting rays). She stretches in bed and spends a few minutes of deep breaths and gratitude.
  2. She does Ayurvedic oil pulling with organic coconut oil. It keeps her teeth, gums, and gut bacteria happy.
  3. She lights a candle and meditates for 5 minutes in lotus position. She started the practice in 2003 in order to relieve her severe panic attacks, and now it’s the core of her wellness regime.
  4. She works out in the morning (usually every day), followed by a lukewarm glass of water with a squeeze of fresh lemon. This helps flush out the digestive system.
  5. She makes breakfast and lunch for her kids. Lunch usually involves leftover rice and beans, hummus, and lentil soup, with chickpeas, avocado, or cucumbers on top.
  6. Her breakfast is wholesome and plant-based. Think: Gluten-free toast with almond butter and honey, or a bowl of apples and berries with coconut yogurt. Alternatively she might drink a glass of green juice with celery and cucumbers.
  7. She goes to her Sanctuary, which is a converted barn decorated with plants, crystals, and lots of light. This is where she spends most of her day having meetings, doing phone calls, and writing emails for her fashion and environmental work. Some of her initiatives include Believe Earth, which brings awareness to the preservation of the planet; Projecto Agua Limpa, a clean water project in her native Brazil; and working as a Goodwill Ambassador for the UN Environmental Program. Why yes, fighting for the Earth while ensconced in a cozy barn sounds like OMG.
  8. In the meantime, she’s drinking a ton of tea. Being an environmental vigilante is hard work, and she stays hydrated with fresh chamomile, lemongrass, or mint tea from her garden.
  9. Lunch is back at the house, usually a salad or a big bowl of soup. 
  10. After another healthy homemade dinner, she winds down by giving her children aromatherapy foot massage and catching up with her hubby.
  11. Like the rest of her no-fuss lifestyle, Gisele’s beauty routine is also super simple. She relies on mud masks to clarify pores and reduce zits. As for her famous tresses, she doesn’t even own a brush!

Gisele's Enviable Wellness Life Will Give You All The Feels

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