We Have a #GirlCrush on Lindsay Ellingson & Her Getting Ready Routine

March 21, 2017

When I think of a model getting ready, the image of the majestical-chaotic backstage fashion show scene comes to mind—models in tall folding chairs getting a dose of the trendiest makeup of the season, applied by seasoned experts. But not every day finds a finds a model backstage. Former Victoria Secret Angel turned beauty entrepreneur Lindsay Ellingson has mastered the art of getting ready without a team of pros—and her going out routine involves the kind of self-care—and fun!—that we Peaceful Dumplings adore. Read on for Ellingson’s favorite products and beauty secrets!

Wine + Spotify + Makeup = Lovely date with self.

Ellingson reported to Into the Gloss that getting ready can be a blast when you create the right setting: “The first thing I do is put on a calming yoga Spotify playlist and sit at the dining room table because the light is amazing. My husband gets so annoyed with my closet full of beauty products and how I bring them downstairs to do my makeup. I’ll have a glass of rosé, and just enjoy the process. People say getting ready is half the fun, but I think it is three-quarters of the fun. And right as I’m about to leave, I’ll put on a whole different playlist of energizing hip-hop.” Do you have a favorite getting ready playlist?

Apply makeup and pamper skin at the same time.

Ellingson wears under-eye masks while applying her eye makeup. “I leave them on while I do my eye makeup so that anything that falls down I can just wipe off with the mask. It keeps your under eyes clean, hydrated, and it de-puffs.” Try it for yourself with 100% Bright Eyes eye mask.

Find your signature look.

When Ellingson began her modeling career roughly a decade ago, the fresh-faced doll look was blowing up, and it’s had her heart ever since. “I’m in love with the look of blush…I’m here, starting my own cosmetics line, Wander Beauty.”* She told Into the Gloss. “It’s an amazing opportunity to take that inspiration and turn it into products…our soft pink blush is meant to emulate that healthy flush we always had on our cheeks.”

We Have a #GirlCrush on Lindsay Ellingson and Her Getting Ready Routine

Ellingson using Wander Beauty.

Ellingson doesn’t stop with blush, however. She makes sure her naturally gorgeous lashes are perfected. “I always have mascara on. I look for something that doesn’t flake and is water resistant. It has to stand up to humid summer nights in New York.” For an unbudging vegan mascara, pick up a tube of Lily Lolo Creamy Lash Alert Mascara. It stays.

Unwinding and preparing your skin for rest is super critical!

The fun may be over at the end of the night, but every beauty knows that cleansing and prepping your skin for bed is a step not to be missed! For some serious skin detox, Ellingson turns to her Foreo Luna Mini, a gentle sonic cleansing device that’s bomb at removing long-wear foundation, and Pratima Sandalwood Rose Mask, a nutrient-rich and pore-tightening mask suitable for all skin types.

We Have a #GirlCrush on Lindsay Ellingson and Her Getting Ready Routine We Have a #GirlCrush on Lindsay Ellingson and Her Getting Ready Routine

Our bodies need a little TLC, too! Ellington told Pop Sugar that she swears by Pratima Botanical Baby Massage Oil. “I’ve been using this all over my body, morning and night. It’s super gentle on the skin — it was created for babies! I just love the smell. It’s made with the beliefs of Ayurveda; it’s healing and detoxifying.” Indeed—with almond oil, nutmeg, and rose, it’s bound to be a treat for the senses!

What are your favorite getting ready rituals?

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*Wander Beauty is cruelty-free and free of parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, and synthetic fragrance. Yay!


Photo: Lindsay Ellington via Instagram, respective brands

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