Gentle Fire Energy Meditation For Easing Out Of Lockdown (Video)

May 26, 2021

This meditation is to help support people who are at various stages of readiness for coming into more socialization and more of an expansive, Summery fire energy phase, after (energetically speaking) what’s been in some ways like a year of winter—a sort of Ragnarok. Rekindle your flame and zest for life with this gentle, 10-minute fire energy meditation.

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Video: Ema Melanaphy

Ema Melanaphy is an ex-Civil Servant Reiki practitioner and Shiatsu student, a super proud auntie of 6 niblings, a multipotentialite, passionate vegan, yoga enthusiast and unabashed geek girl. She loves inventing new recipes and veganising the heck out of everything, experimenting with hair colours, learning languages (learning in general!) exploring the world, evolving, and connecting with nature. She posts on Instagram at @reikiema, and blogs on her website


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