Freedom Friday: Organic, Vegan, Additive-Free Wines

February 14, 2014

Wine has become a hulking, monstrous – yet somehow selective- industry in seemingly a few short years. Although organic wine (not labeled as “organic” of course) has been around since ancient days, it has recently attracted a cult following that is well-deserved. Wine bars are back in style and wine tastings are a fun, relaxing way to unwind in beautiful weather with friends. Vino is a romantic way to top off your Valentine’s celebration and enhance a fun night out with friends as well- but lurking behind some mass-produced wine brands are nasty additives, allergic-reaction inducing preservatives and other icky stuff we’d rather not think about while enjoying dinner with our loves. Some wines are even “laced” with nasties like egg-whites, sulphites, remnants of tree nuts, wheat and even shellfish. Although in most studies conducted, these have been found only in trace amounts, I know most people would like to consume their fermented grapes stripped clean of anything and all things allergy-causing. Here is a Freedom Friday approved list of vegan wines perfect for Valentine’s Day ! Love to you all!


1. Frey Natural Red Organic Table Wine – Described as smooth and medium-bodied this wine is great for a casual Valentine’s Day dinner with friends.

allergen-free vegan and organic wines

2. Harris Organic Wines 2008 Shiraz– Award winning and full of berry flavor this wine is perfect for pairing with a chocolate-y dessert.

Shiraz allergen-free vegan and organic wines

3. Four Chimneys 2009 Kingdom White– Drink this super dry and fruity white with something salty like a tofu steak!

Four chimneys allergen-free vegan and organic wines

4. Our Daily Red 2011 Sulfite Free Wine– Perfect red table wine from a really neat company!

our daily red allergen-free vegan and organic wines

5. An awesome mix from EcoVine Wine Club– Want to really impress your date? Order them a shipment of organic and sulfite-free vegan wines from this super cool company who believes in sustainability and that we do not need to consume or use animal products to enjoy ourselves!



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