Freedom Friday: Best Gluten-Free Beer List

August 29, 2014

Craft beer has become a monstrous movement the past few years, especially in New York. The movement is creeping its way south and has hit Georgia especially hard. We are not big drinkers, or even moderate drinkers, however we enjoy a craft beer tasting or pint once in a blue moon….AHEM, Blue Moon is NOT a real craft beer, by the way. My lovely husband has researched, tasted and judged hundreds of craft beers throughout recent years and started cultivating a wonderfully varied collection of beers he loves and wants to taste again. He has somehow convinced me, a French wine loving semi-snob, that craft beer rivals vino through all of its foamy glory.

But anyone with food sensitivities, be aware: beer, depending on how it is brewed, will most often have encountered gluten in its creation. Solution: the following craft beers list is absolutely delicious, great for sipping and free of gluten. Enjoy responsibly my Freedom Friday crew!


1. Omission Pale Ale

-This delicious beer, created by Omission Brewing, is a delicious and bold pale ale that my husband ranks as #1 among the gluten-frees. Omission also brews a delicious lager and IPA!

Best Gluten-free Beer List | Peaceful Dumpling


2. New Planet Raspberry Ale

– This lightly berry-hinted ale is light and perfect for late summer BBQs! Made with raspberry puree, this is a beer that rivals any other favor-hinted beer out there.


3. Green’s Original Amber

– This toasty beer would be perfect for cooler nights and bonfires. The simple ingredients in this beer make it a must-have in any vegan refrigerator!

4. Glutenberg Red Ale rated this delicious red ale as their favorite from this incredible brewery! Glutenberg uses roasted chestnuts in the brewing of this delicious bold beer, how perfect for a delicious after-dinner beer in the crisp fall months.


5. Harvester Brewing Dark Ale

– Dark coffee and fruity notes bring this dark ale to life! An absolutely perfect dessert beer!



Have you tried any of these? Do you have a favorite vegan, gluten-free beer? Please share!

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