Freedom Friday: Best Allergen Free Candy

August 22, 2014

Freedom Friday: Best Allergen Free Candy List

I have a preference for salty and spicy foods. Some (ahem, my loving husband) may say that my “preference” borders dangerously on addiction. However, that is not to say that I have not been tempted by delicious (albeit mostly unhealthy) vegan treats from time to time….I suppose one needs to balance their taste buds’ experiences.  Chris and I had a serve yourself candy bar at our wedding that still lives on in infamy that had to be allergen-free for Chris’ little brother Kyle. So we are well-versed in our allergen-free candies. Since Freedom Friday is an allergen-free zone, I figure why not throw in a few of my favorite vegan and allergen free candy to tempt the masses into indulging once in a while. Do not get me wrong, I lead a ridiculously active and healthy lifestyle. But if my sometimes craving for over-the-top sweet foods sends my sugar-high flag flying, so be it. Happy Sweet Friday!

 Berry Blast Push Pops

Vegan Allergen Free Push Pop



Annie’s Organic Fruit Snacks

vegan allergen free annies fruit snacks

 Enjoy Life Brand Chocolate Bars (They also make my favorite chocolate chips!)

Vegan ALlergen Free_Enjoy_LIfe_Chocolate_BarSurf Sweets Watermelon Rings



Jed’s Maple Products Maple Daisies



Surf Sweets Sour Gummy Worms


Also on Freedom Friday:

Zesty Gnocchi with Spinach

Coconut Berry Spread



Photo: Stéphanie Kilgast via Flickr

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