Vegan Friendly Countries by Flags

August 28, 2013

An Australian advertising agency created these images to promote the Sydney International Food Festival. Each flag is made of foods that represent the country. Let’s take a look at the ones that were made of vegan foods, shall we?

brazil flag vegan food

Brazil – banana leaf, limes, pineapple, passion fruit. Pretty good considering the Brazilian flag is a bit of a challenge!

chinese flag vegan chinaChina – Pittaya (dragon fruit), star fruit


India – curries, rice, pappadum wafer – naturally, India is number 4 on our list of Most Vegan Friendly Countries in the World


italy most vegan friendly countries

Italy – basil, pasta, tomatoes – and #2 on the aforementioned list. Told ya!

korea vegan friendly countries

 Korea – gimbap (seaweed rolls that are generally vegetarian with eggs, but can be made vegan), dipping sauces. And #3 on our said list. (There’s been a lot of controversy here at PD whether Korea is truly vegan-friendly and I must admit, I might be biased because my cousin in Seoul is a very popular blogger/food stylist with several cookbooks, one of which is vegan. I think there is more sleuthing and pow-wowing to do here–true investigative journalism.)

lebanon vegan

Lebanon – Lavash, fatoush, and parsley…I called Israel out as #6 on our list, and since Lebanon is a neighbor geographically and gastronomically, I’ll say that it was a good call.

vietnam vegan friendly

Vietnam – rambutan, lychee and starfruit! This looks more like what you’d find on the ocean floor, don’t you think?

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Photo: wtbwa via Visual Foods courtesy of Sydney International Food Festival

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