I Tried Using A Fitness App For My Gym Workouts—How It Changed My Weight Training

April 21, 2022

I have been skeptic of fitness apps for a while. I have been watching YouTube videos and trying to compose the best program for my goals. Couple months ago, I have given a fitness app a try, and fell in love with it and how wonderfully it is empowering my training, motivation, and efficiency at the gym. Let me share my experience and why I think you should give it a try.

My focus is weight training, and I have been training for a couple years, but this app is great for beginners. I wish I used it back when I just started. I would have seen whole different results by now. The results I am getting are incredible, even though I am not following it perfectly.

The app I am talking about is EvolveYou. Its founder Krissy Cela is a very pleasant and down-to-earth fitness influencer. I have been following her for a while, and ignoring her advertisements of the app, until one day I chose to look into it. I am so glad I have given it a try. I have tried similar apps, but those did not meet my needs. Maybe another one will work for you. I am here to tell you how a fitness can really enhance your workouts, performance, motivation and results!

Saving time and doing more during a session

When I was working out on my own, I had this huge note in my phone where I would write down all the exercises, tips, weights I have been using and changing. It took me a while to compose each workout, and record everything along the way. With the app, all I need to do is see which workout is next, possibly switch up a couple exercises on the way to the gym, and that’s it. Sometimes I just switch up a few, depending on which muscles I prefer to target that day, but you don’t have to do it, of course.

Because you don’t spend time thinking what to do next and how many reps and sets you should go, you are super efficient and fast with your workouts, while getting some serious work done. It is incredibly convenient.

Programs last for several weeks. Depending on how advanced you are in gym training, you can incorporate your knowledge into the program, and adjust the number of reps, sets, and exercises themselves. For instance, the program I follow switches up every 2 weeks, but professionals say it is good to keep doing the same exercises for longer, until switching the routine up. It is very easy to make adjustments like this in the app, with just a couple taps.

Motivation to push yourself harder

Of course an undeniable benefit is having a weekly plan composed for you. You can choose the number of workouts you are willing to do during the week. It feels very nice to see all the workouts for the week done, and very motivating to see yourself slacking on that. Because it is saving time at the gym, it is very easy to motivate yourself to go for an upper body workout of just 1.5 hours, even after a busy day of errands and work.

Another very important motivation I get from the app is pushing yourself harder during an exercise. When I was training on my own, I tended to go for lower reps (with regular weight). With the program you just see a proper number of reps, and it feels cowardly to lower that given amount manually. As a result, you find myself doing 10, 12, 15, 2o reps for 4–5 sets. In the past I was struggling with pushing myself that hard. But within just months of using the app, it is a norm for me.

I love this app for allowing me to practice pushing myself to the limit, and figure out how much more I am capable of. I am amazed how EvolveYou has given me that effect of a personal trainer, telling you you can and will do more. I guess it is also about the intention to really follow the directions without cheating.

Comparison to other apps

I have tried a number of other apps and programs from other Instagram influencers I have been following, but it just did not compare to EvolveYou. The app is very neat, well-organized, usable, simple, and convenient. It is pleasant, with nice gentle colors, and thoughtfully considered interface. I like how they have set up the timers for the breaks between exercises, and how easy it is to navigate through the workout, and, for instance, adjust the weights and reps, while on a break. Other apps did not seem that convenient and flexible to me.

I also like how you can see the exercise performed by Krissy, read its extensive explanation, see muscles used, and super easily find an alternative or suggest your own alternative.


But most importantly, is it the results I am getting from it. My goal is muscle growth, and improving overall shape and fitness of my body. And you can find a program for your own specific goal. It is important that I have begun to eat more protein and be more consistent with it, but I can definitely see the results app workouts have delivered. Mainly, it is due to the higher intensity and hypertrophy the app workouts include. While on my own I was not focusing that much on tearing the muscles and putting them under this much stress. People that lack motivation to go that extra mile can really benefit from this cheaper alternative to a personal trainer.

Feeling more confident

It took me a minute to become completely comfortable at the gym, and doing more, so to speak, attention grabbing exercises. But within the months of using the app, there is nothing I would not do. Even when I try an exercise I did not previously research on my own, I feel confident enough with the explanation given in the app to give it a try. I am not sure how this effect has taken place. Probably, because you follow something designed by a professional, so you feel like no one can judge you. Well, that’s one way to overcome that hesitation, right?

What to keep in mind

A well-designed app like EvolveYou (I, personally, cannot recommend another one) should provide some good guidelines for performing exercises. However, it is important to have your form checked by a professional in person, at some point, and, best case, throughout your progression. My partner has been explaining a lot of things to me. It can be a friend, acquaintance of yours, or maybe just someone you could ask at the gym for feedback. I believe these options are much better than a personal trainer, because personal trainer’s intention is to keep you needing them. They will not just simply correct all the exercises you need assistance with, so that you keep training on your own with confidence. They will maybe give some advice, but will make sure you need more from the following sessions.

It is particularly important to get advice on your form if you are a beginner and still learning about the basics of weight training and muscle growth, if this is your goal. This app works perfectly when you understand those basics, like keeping your core tight, back straight, shoulders down, shoulder blades together, etc. in most exercises. If you do not intuitively understand how the correct shape would feel like (it will take a minute to get there), instructions given in the app might not do the trick completely, even though EvolveYou gives pretty good directions.

Overall, I wanted to invite you to explore how a good fitness app can help you achieve your goals so much faster and in a more pleasant way, and combat laziness and hesitation, like it has done it for me. Wishing you lots of success and fun in your fitness journey, with or without an app!


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Anna Chuzhmarova
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