Finding Style Bliss with Spiritual Jewelry

by Nicole
October 17, 2013

butterflyringI am a butterfly. Literally, as it’s my upcoming Halloween costume but also figuratively, because in the past few years I’ve really blossomed and been able to spread my wings. Butterflies have a very personal meaning to me, which could explain my incessant need to buy anything in the form of this beautiful creature. One item, however, is closer to my fluttering heart than all the others. Days before my 14th birthday, I got sick. It was only a typical winter cold (I’m a December baby), but I was in bed for days. My mom brought me home an early birthday present to cheer me up. It was a ring, THE ring that started it all. Two butterflies, “papillons” as I later learned in French class, sitting daintily on top. One diamond filled, the other solid gold. Just unique enough to garner compliments but timeless enough to make it my favorite piece of jewelry. Truthfully, my mom to this day has no idea how meaningful this ring is to me. She just saw something pretty and bought it.

Having had few friends as a child, I never thought I would see the day when I could be completely myself and never apologize for my morals, values and goals in life. Most people in my small hometown in upstate New York stay in the dreary suburbs their whole life, typically meeting their future spouses in high school. I knew for a fact I didn’t peak in high school, and that was just fine with me. College was the beginning of a journey where I made the friends I knew I deserved and became more independent than ever. My thirst for life grew exponentially as a student at NYU, which opened countless opportunities. I’ve never felt more at home than in this city, and I know it loves me back.

butterfly ring 1

So, the ring. It’s the only item of jewelry I own that leaves me in a panic if I can’t find it in my usually messy room. The only item that reminds me I have potential and to keep going. Looking at this ring gives me the confidence to grow personally, professionally and spiritually. It reminds me to use my wings, if you will.

The meaning behind a piece of jewelry is crucial to how high I prioritize its place on my body. Luckily for me, I’m not the only one with this sentiment. Spiritual jewelry has made an explosion in more ways than one. From religious crosses and stars of David to malas to gemstones evoking healing properties or good luck, there’s no denying meaningful jewelry has a place in the market. And from my guess, it also has a big place in our hearts.

Ask any woman about her necklace or ring and I guarantee you there is a story behind it. I am hard pressed to think of one person I know whose jewelry doesn’t have a purpose on their body. It can be used as a reminder of a person, a place, an idea. Even the pieces bought for yourself most likely marked an occasion of some kind, no matter the size. After break-ups and shake-ups though, the pieces that have encouragement and spirituality tied to it will probably stay in your jewelry box the longest.

In times of darkness and in times of joy, the simple act of wearing something for all the right reasons deepens your emotions while lifting your spirits in the brightest way possible. It’s no wonder beautiful spiritual jewelry has been seen in magazines, on celebrities (Kabbalah bracelet anyone?) and in your mom’s dresser.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to meditate, do yoga or know a monk to wear items associated with the introspective life. I’ve recently fallen in love with several pieces from Satya like the Sanctuary Necklace  that boasts a stamped peacock feather, symbolizing beauty and confidence, and the Escape Bracelet that combines green onyx with a ganesha to assist in grounding you while prepping for success. Another standout are Miakoda’s malas, which are a part of yogic tradition. Each mala has a moonstone bead representing spiritual development, and Miakoda just happens to mean “power of the moon.” Whether you practice yoga or not, the use of malas in your life can add  good vibes to your mantra. Each of the 108 beads encourages you to say a mantra 108 times which can be as simple as “om” or “I am at peace.” For the ladies out there feeling overwhelmed by Photoshopped faux-beauties, I’d suggest a mantra of “I am beautiful.”

Another common symbol seen everywhere you turn is the hamsa, which offers up protection from the evil eye. Protection from what, specifically? You decide, but while you’re figuring that out, make sure to check out this beautiful necklace  and equally dainty bracelet.

I sure could use that hamsa necklace to protect me from buying up all the spiritual jewelry in the world, since I’m suddenly feeling inspired. How about you?

satya peacock necklace

Satya Sanctuary Necklace, $88

ganesha satya bracelet

Satya Ganesha Bracelet, $48

miakoda malas

Miakoda malas in dalmatian jasper, $36

etsy hamsa

14k gold hamsa necklace, $45.71 on Etsy

gold and silver hamsa bracelet

Gold and silver hamsa bracelet, $15 on Etsy

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Contributor Nicole is a native New Yorker and vegan. Often seen giving unsolicited shopping advice to strangers, she also loves seeing Broadway shows and spending time in parks. When Nicole isn't chewing someone's ear off, she can be found building online businesses for solopreneurs as 10 Carat Creations.


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