Inspired Living: 4 Steps to Finding Balance in Instability

March 25, 2015

In a previous article, I mentioned that I was ready to take a break from the working world to figure out what I really want from my career.

I took that leap and left DC a couple of weeks ago. The decision felt so right. I entered a mad rush of to-dos as I prepared to leave the area I’d lived in and loved for 5+ years.

I’m now in transition, hopping around a few cities, until I move to New York.

The jump has been equal parts exciting and challenging.  Transitions bring a level of instability (and related stress!) that can create a ton of chaos, if left unattended. This makes creating a space for peace, whether literal or metaphorical, a top priority.

For me, the instability was jarring at first, and I struggled to find peace.   Slowly though, I’m regaining my balance.

I’ve started listening to inspiring audios, again. I gave myself permission to put my needs first and ignore the expectations of those around me. I started meditating, again, and exercising– tools I haven’t used in a long time.

About a week later, I’m feeling notably better.  Peace is possible in transition.

If you’re also going through some instability and struggling to bring balance and peace into your life, I encourage you to try the below:

Inspired Living: Finding Balance in Instability

On finding a sense of grounding while in transition


1. Be Real With Yourself. Big, important, huge question: Are your needs being met? If you say “yes” or “I think so,” but are feeling overwhelmed, the real answer is “no.” The first step to establishing space, boundaries, tools, etc. for peace is to recognize the need for it.

Next, identity what needs aren’t being met and how you can fill them.  What fills you up? What replenishes your energy? What brings you a feeling of peace?   If you’re not quite sure on how to answer these, here are a few suggestions:


Taking a walk outdoors


Watching a fun/inspiring/relaxing video

Reading a fun/inspiring/relaxing book


Tai Chi


2. Give Yourself Permission to Put Your Needs First. This one is tough, especially for those that have been socialized to be “nice” and selfless.  There’s an analogy that I’ve heard that I absolutely LOVE that illustrates the importance of this step: during airline safety videos, they always tell you to put your own air mask on, first, before assisting anyone else. Why? Because you can’t help anyone else if you pass out.

Equally vital is taking action long before you’re depleted and “passing out” (metaphorically or literally!!).  Just like the feeling of thirst means you’re already dehydrated, feeling depleted is a long-down-the-road giant red flag. Take action early. Give yourself permission to “drink water” long before you’re dehydrated (*drinks some water*).

3. Let Friends/Family Know What You’re Experiencing. And what they can expect of you.  This is a good time to let them know you’re a night owl and need purposeful alone time. Or that a cup of coffee in the morning makes everything better. Or that you’ll be a bit cranky/hectic for a few days, while you bring balance to your life.

Even if friends or family haven’t experienced a transition like the one you’re going through, they’ll likely have enough wisdom/love/experience to listen with respect to what you’re saying. If they don’t, that’s OK, too.  Remember, you’ve already given yourself permission to put your needs, first. That means, if someone doesn’t respect your needs, you can walk away and meet your needs, anyways.

Please know that if you’re dealing with someone you feel threatened by, you are especially encouraged to put your needs, first, and seek help. Love should heal, not hurt.

4. Take Baby Steps and Create a Routine.  This will be a work-in-progress. You’re going through big changes, with the ground moving under you. You’ll be OK, even if you have to readjust a few times. Your progress may be lightning-fast, or it may feel a bit slower. Be OK with it, either way, and take baby steps towards bringing greater balance into your life and creating a routine that works for you.

A routine will be very beneficial to you right now, even if it’s just a 15-minute nightly routine, because it’ll bring a sense of stability. It’ll make being in balance easier, no matter where in the world you are.  If you can carve out a physical space for yourself, as well, and make it your own – go for it! Be gentle with yourself as you figure out what works for you.

Above all, have as much fun as you can possible have on your way to bigger, better, brighter. 🙂

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