Feeling the Turbulent Energetic Shifts Recently? Here Are Some Ways to Positively Cope

April 29, 2022

Have you been feeling on edge recently? Do you feel emotional and exhausted? Do you feel  “off” with no explanations as to why? Luckily, you’re not alone—and thankfully there’s a reason why. 

Recently there have been major shifts happening on a global scale. These shifts are contributing to frequencies that alter the way we feel. The Schumann Resonances, also known as the heartbeat of Earth, are global electronic resonances created by the electromagnetic waves of lightning bolts. The bolts start circling between the earth’s atmosphere and the ionosphere, where they mesh creating what we know as the Schumann Resonance. 

Over time, scientists discovered that variations in the recorded resonances corresponded to different phenomena—like the changing of seasons, geomagnetic activity, and solar flares. Now, more is coming to light about how particular resonances affect humans’ emotions on a grand scale. And many energy healers and metaphysical people are sharing just how connected everything is. 

Schumann Resonances have been known to affect the blood pressure in some people.

They also agitate those that tend to be sensitive to energy, like empaths and energy workers. Symptoms like fatigue, restlessness, headaches, dizziness, nausea, and sensations in the crown chakra area can all be attributed to these spikes. When the spikes happen closer together, one may notice an increase in these feelings.

If you were to look at the graph, which can be found online, you’ll notice just how much activity happened in the past two years. It’s interesting to note that while a lot of us were experiencing a wide range of emotions during the pandemic, the scale seems to reflect that as well. Maybe our heartbeat and the Earth’s heartbeat have more in common than we thought?

Earth’s natural heartbeat rhythm is the frequency of 7.83 Hz, which is an alpha/theta brainwave frequency. To the human brain, this frequency elicits feelings of relaxation, sleepiness, peace, and healing. No wonder nature is so healing! When we interact with the great outdoors, we tune our own frequencies to that of the Schumann Resonance. 

That is why it is so important for us to get outside on a daily basis—no matter where we live.

Spend time in nature and allow the earth to tune you back into a state of coherence. Leave the smartphone at home and grab a book. Allow yourself to find a quiet spot on the grass and just relax. It’s free medicine. Even better, try grounding. Grounding (or earthing) is the simple act of connecting your bare feet to the ground. By doing so, your body absorbs the negative ions from the earth which neutralize any free radicals in your body. Negative doesn’t mean bad—it’s just a polarity. 

Go outside at night and stare at the stars, noticing how it feels to be away from screens and artificial light. Try adjusting your body back to its natural circadian rhythm to help you align with the slower frequencies. You could also listen to background music that uses Schumann frequencies. So when you’re at work or getting chores done your body is also absorbing the healing properties.

Next time you feel “off,” just remember that these energetic shifts are happening on a macro level. It’s not you, it’s the Universe. It may feel overwhelming, but using these coping tools can help to alleviate those uncomfortable feelings. The more we can tune into a calmer frequency within ourselves, the more we can positively contribute to the overall frequency of the world. We may think we’re small, but we do have a huge impact on the planet. Everything is connected, and we have the power to change for the better.

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Photo: Mariam Soliman via Unsplash

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