7 Things To Say To Yourself When Feeling Down To Snap Out Of It

January 27, 2022

Write these phrases down and refer to them when your mind feels overwhelmed by heavy emotions and feelings. Our mind often creates trouble out of thin air, just to occupy itself with something. This is why meditation is so important to train your mind to remain still and be fine with it, without finding reasons to stress itself out. Whether what you feel is real or imagined, use the following phrases to shift into a good place, where you feel supported, grounded, strong and trusting.

1. “Situation can change for the better at any moment”

Choose faith, choose confidence, choose calmness, choose abundance. No matter what you are going through, know that miracles and course corrections happen continually. Believe that the Universe has got your back. You are the Universe, so of course you’ve got your back. Better days, hours, and minutes are coming. Sometimes all you need is refocus your attention on something you love, appreciate, and enjoy. Sometimes you’ve got to remain open to welcome new opportunities, changes, and events bringing you back into the state of bliss, where you belong. Trust the process.

“It’s alright. I’m on track. Things are moving, resolving, and unfolding in my favor.”

2. “I allow this moment to be as it is”

Even though the title of the article is promising a snap out of it, it can work in some situations and not that quickly in other cases. However, there is one thing you can do to speed up the relief. Do not fight and blame yourself for the way you feel, think, and even act. If you are just questioning whether you are overreacting or notyou are already doing great! If you know you are overreacting but are still doing ityou are doing great! Be nice and gentle with yourself, while transforming old habits and patterns.

Do not tell yourself you should not be feeling, hurting, worrying the way you do. It is what it is. This experience is here for a reason, and you’ve got to go through it. You don’t have to be strong all the time. Surrender to the pain and discomfort, and you will be surprised how quickly peace comes.

It is okay to feel what you are feeling, it is about controlling what you are thinking. When we allow ourselves to feel fully, unsuppressed discomfort is released quickly, but negative thoughts keep feeding it, so it stays for longer.

3. “I don’t like this feeling, so I don’t encourage it”

So step 1 is allowing yourself to feel fully. It can take just minutes to allow these energies to purge and dissolve. Sometimes you would need to cry, scream, hit a pillow, or hit something with a pillow. But it will then be gone in an instant. If you do not entertain that emotion. You may feel pain, but what do you think while you feel it?

  1. “How long will I feel this way? Will it ever end? How can I go on like this? Is there a way out?”?
  2. “It’s okay. I am feeling better. I can do this. This will pass. Just breathe.”

First set of thoughts amplifies and prolongs your anxiety and hurt, while the latter relieves it.

The last anxious situation I have been in, I remember myself just repeating non-stop “I’m fine. You are fine. It’s all good. Everything is fine. Calm down. Just relax. Everything is okay.” Words have power. I had been crying out loud, and I was hitting objects with objects, by the way, but I kept saying these things to myself non-stop. My freak-out has ended within a few minutes. Because I:

  1. expressed it fully,
  2. kept thinking positive encouraging thoughts.

I find speaking positive things a great method of silencing negative thoughts.

4. “Universe wants me to live life where I am not dependent on anything, not addicted to anything. This is my training”

This should help with the “why” questions in your head: why it happened, how it could have been prevented, why it wasn’t and such. All in all, this situation, as any other, is here to open you up to your best experience of life. The higher power algorithm can be too complicated for our minds. Some lessons may seem too harsh. But those were chosen for your most successful development and growth. Your development and growth helps you live life easier, which floods you with abundance in all forms.

Probably the hardest heartaches come from our attachments. This is why it is so important to replace attachments with deep appreciation. Love limitlessly, exponentially, abundantly, let go gracefully. Yet, expect everything you love to last for eternity. Hint: it does.

5. “I don’t need to worry or think about it. The more ease I feel, the sooner it is resolved or relieved. How can I feel more at ease right now?”

How can you feel joy in this moment? If joy is too much to ask, maybe you can aim for a little smile or some warm feeling inside. Can you get a hug? Can you take a walk or run? Can you eat something nice? Can you dance? Can you draw? Can you find energy to do one of the things that bring you joy? Even if it does not feel the same way. Just pursue that feeling, take some steps towards it.

6. “I was not destined to suffer, I determine how much I suffer.”

They say that the more sadness you feel the more space you open up for happiness. This is simply a contrast of life. Nothing in the world is against you. Some things align in a way that you need to pave your way through it, which may not feel like bliss at all. But on the other side, there is always bliss. Some people are just unaware how their thinking and relationship with themselves dictates their reality. They may unknowingly make themselves stuck in sorrow and pain, by only emitting those vibrations.

7. “I am everything, everything is an aspect of me. It is an illusion that all is separate, that we are separate beings. All is one.”

You have the power to stop suffering at any moment by simply emptying your mind, what Mooji always teaches us. You can strip your mind of who you are as an individual, things you need to do, be, achieve, become, resolve, get rid of, and change. In that space of nothingness, nothing but the feeling of existing in this space and time, you begin to realize your nature as a limitless consciousness which is everything, all in one. Human identity is an illusion. We are all one big Universe, Source consciousness, fragmented into what seems like separate beings. You are never disconnected from what and who you love. You are never abandoned. You are always whole, complete, and powerful of anything.

This is an advanced concept to comprehend, if you are just starting your spirituality journey. I have only just begun to get there. But coming to this point of awareness, will help you navigate life with grace, ease, and bliss.


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Photo: Ester Marie Doysabas via Unsplash


Anna Chuzhmarova
Anna is a certified biofield tuning practitioner, Reiki healer and writer. She lives in Amsterdam, is a sunset, moon, water, and life appreciator and enjoys time with her loved ones, studying spirituality and healing techniques, sports, yoga, dancing, and self-care. She is passionate about helping others discover the infinite power and love within them and live their best lives. Her Instagram account is @tuningtolove.


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