Fall Style: Vegan Scarf Guide

October 6, 2015

Are you a scarf person? I am! Once the summer eases off, I break out my collection of scarves. Most of them are lightweight numbers ideal for layering and adding a little wind protection. Some of my favorite gifts have been scarves—they’re like receiving a perennial hug from a loved one! As many vegans know, however, it can be harder to find a good scarf that’s free of animal products than it is to find a leather-free bag. (What’s with the obsession with scratchy wool?)

But not all the pretty scarves are made with wool (or cashmere or silk)—even though it may seem like that sometimes! Fortunately, there are some eco-conscious designers and vegan-friendly knitters out there to keep our animal-loving necks nice and cozy. The following is just a quick vegan scarf guide featuring a variety of styles to keep you warm and animal-friendly as the weather cools.

Vegan Scarf Guide | Peaceful Dumpling

Best Patterned Scarf

Fair+True Vegan Elephant Print Scarf

With Indian elephant and delicate flowers, this lightweight, patterned scarf would pair beautifully with winter solids, like a gray pea coat or taupe sweater. The frayed edges add to the scarf’s boho flare. Bonus: The designer, Fair + True is committed to sustainable, fair trade material and practices.

Vegan Scarf Guide | Peaceful Dumpling

Best Nostalgia Scarf

Boohoo Minnie Heart Print Contrast Pom Pom Scarf

I have a single glove from my very early years that has a little heart pattern very similar to the one in this playfully cute scarf. When I saw this scarf, I was instantly reminded of snow days and my very first snowman. Hopefully, it will remind you, too, of winter wonderland fantasies while it keep you warm and stylish.

Vegan Scarf Guide | Peaceful Dumpling

Best Classic-Style Scarf

Antique Rose Scarf made with vegan-friendly yarn

This handmade piece is a lovely example of a classic-style scarf with a woven, lace pattern. The designer, Knits by Nat, makes scarves and other winter accessories in several colors using vegan-friendly yarn. This scarf would pair beautifully with jeans, a simple, button-down blouse, and a tailored jacket.

Vegan Scarf Guide | Peaceful Dumpling

Best Unapologetic Scarf

ASOS Faux Fur Skinny Bold Stripe Scarf

When everything outside is gray, go bold with this faux fur stripe scarf. I personally don’t think I could pull this number off, but if you’re not afraid of look-at-me colors, more power to you! Pair with an equally bold lip for maximum impact.

Vegan Scarf Guide | Peaceful Dumpling

Best Deep-Winter Scarf

Fair+True Fair Trade Vegan Wide Yak Wool Effect

If you’re looking for something truly soft and cozy, this large, “wool effect” scarf may be just the thing. Drape it over a simple top, skinny jeans paired with and tall boots for a chic yet cozy look. Alternatively, turn it into a shawl-hoodie to protect your hair from the elements.

What’s your favorite style of scarf?

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Photo: Fashion-Conscious, Boohoo, Knits by Nat via Etsy, ASOS

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