How To Glow On A Special Day, Courtesy Of Celeb Facialists Prepping For The Met Gala

April 26, 2023

In a few short days, fashion and movie stars will descend upon the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York for Met Gala 2023. While I’m far from such glamorous circles—and only thing I want to do on a Monday night is cozy up in my jammies, thank you very much—it’s still fun to watch this like a sporting event. The fashion at Met Gala tends to be too edgy to really hold my interest, but I do think beauty looks re relevant even to me. Plus, I’m getting married in a few short months. Here’s how celeb facialists prep their star clients before the big event. Spoiler: I’m quite versed in this stuff, and there were surprises for me, too!

Rihanna stands wearing an haute couture gown and a top knot hair against a purple background at the Met Gala 2017.

Rihanna at the Met Gala 2017.

Joanna Czech

With clients like Kim Kardashian and Hailey Bieber, Joanna Czech’s hands are pretty much fully booked during Met Gala season.

Use a microcurrent device not just on your face, but on arms, upper body, belly, and butt. You don’t have to convince me—I’m already a NuFace devotee! But even I hadn’t thought of using it on my body. This will tighten and tone all over, especially great if you’re wearing a form-fitting or strapless dress. Also do an ultrasound and LED light therapy on your entire body.

Do sheet masks with ice cubes on top. While I’m no stranger to cooling massagers on my face, this is a new technique I’m eager to try.

Schedule weekly facials six weeks leading up to the event. This is far more of an investment than what I was planning for my wedding, which was just 2 facials leading up. Sounds intense.

Do drybrushing twice a week starting six weeks before. Here’s a more affordable and DIY option. I already have a drybrush that I rarely use. Drybrushing stimulates blood flow, which increases the nutrients in the surface of the skin and promote detoxification. I’ve noticed that my scars take longer to heal since I’ve gotten older—and fresh blood is great for cell turnover and wound healing.

Have your favorite breakfast and coffee if you like it. Controversial advice! Joanna tells W, “‘People say, “Oh my god, coffee dehydrates you so much.” No. Coffee speeds up the release of fluids from your body. You will not release more fluid than you would otherwise release. It will go faster. But you will not release more.”

Joanna Czech, an older caucasian woman with light blond hair wearing a navy blouse and necklaces.

Joanna Czech’s skin does not lie.

Joanna Vargas

A facialist to Brad Pitt and Julianne Moore, among others, Joanna Vargas recommends an LED treatment to tone the entire body.

Afterwards, though, she uses a lot more lo-fi option. A raw coconut rub infuses your skin with anti-aging omega-3 fatty acids.

A special mask. “During our pre-red carpet facials, I always use my Twilight Mask on everyone because it’s so hydrating and instantly reduces the appearance of redness,” Joanna says. This botanical-based mask contains epidermal growth factor to target redness, dullness, fine lines, and wrinkles. I do already have a sheet mask I always use for special occasions—pry it out of my dying hands!

Georgia Louise

U.K. born facialist Georgia Louise got her start after being called to Linda Evangelista’s house to fix her microcurrent machine. After the supermodel became a client, numerous other stars followed. Like the other facialists on this list, Georgia is a skincare maximalist.

Follow the 12 step program. She advises, “A good skin-care regimen should include a cleanser, floral water, toner, two treatment serums, eye cream, moisturizer, SPF, and finishing serum, plus exfoliator and a mask.” I thought floral water is just an expensive mood lifter for people who have extra money for skincare, but it’s integral to Georgia’s regime.

Isn’t twelve different products too much? You might ask. “98 percent of my clients are dehydrated and not using enough skin-care products, so more is more,” she says. Interestingly, I also agree—my skin likes to drink up all the products I layer, even when I think it’s too much.

Book a facial at least three times before the event. While I may not have to get six weekly facials like Joanna Czech’s clients above, a minimum of three professional facials are recommended. And I don’t disagree!

At home, do a hydrating overnight mask at least three times a week. I love going to bed with a luxurious overnight mask. Make it a habit not just once weekly—lavish your skin before your big day.

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Photo: By Danilo Lauria – Vimeo: Met Gala 2017 (view archived source), CC BY-SA 3.0,; Joanna Czech via Facebook


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