These 5 Ethical Swimwear Brands Make Sustainable Sexy As Heck

May 8, 2018

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to search for the perfect swimsuit. There are a handful of ethical swimwear brands that are taking sustainability and style to the beach by creating swimwear that is sourced from eco-friendly material and local facilities. These brands allow you to feel fun and flirty, all while remaining ethical in your fashion choices. Each line features swimsuits of all styles and colors to fit and flatter every body type.

Summer is Just Around the Corner: The Eco-Friendly Swimwear Brands You Need to Look Out For

Here are the must-have ethical swimwear brands for Summer ’18:

Vitamin A


Sustainable swim suits

Designed and produced locally in California, Vitamin A was created by Golden State native, Amahlia Stevens. The line is inspired by 70’s beach glamour and proves that sexiness and sustainability are a perfect mix for the beach. Each suit is made from their EcoLux fabric, which is sourced from recycled nylon. To make this line even more desirable, a portion of the proceeds goes to organizations working to preserve our oceans.

Shapes in the Sand

Sustainable swim suits

Based in Australia, Shapes in the Sand gains its inspiration from nature and incorporates natural imagery into its lively prints. Their focus is creating a brand that is ethical and honest. Their swimsuits are made from regenerated fabric that is made up of ECONYL® yarn, created from nylon that has been retrieved from our oceans through the Healthy Seas Project. They contribute much of their proceeds to projects that fund beach cleanup, as well as contribute to Australia’s native wildlife facilities.

Vege Threads

Sustainable swim suits

Another brand based in Australia, Vege Threads produces swimsuits that are made from organic and eco-friendly material. From the material they use for their suits to the packaging that arrives at your door, they aim for simplicity and stay true to their mission of remaining sustainable. They are produced and dyed in limited batches. Working directly with local knitting mills and dye houses, they seek to keep things local as their objective is to bring together the community. They use eco-friendly alternatives to package their suits, and their domestic freight is a carbon neutral service.


Sustainable swim suits

With minimalism being at its center, AMARA Tulum their swimsuits are trendy armor to join the revolution for sustainable living. Their Italian fabric is made up of LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ and ECONYL®, and is created in a green-powered facility. This facility works to monitor gas emissions, reduce pollution, and protect green spaces. AMARA is designed in Tulum and made in Mexico by local artisans. They give back to the community by providing livable-wage jobs, preserving tradition, and regularly organizing beach cleanups. Now if that isn’t a powerful brand, I’m not sure what is!

Greenlee Swim

Sustainable swim suits

Creating luxury suits for women of all shapes and sizes, Greenlee Swim is a brand at the forefront of eco-friendly swimwear. Designed and manufactured in Los Angeles, California, all swimsuits are made with fabric that is sourced from recycled and sustainable material. Founder Casey Greenlee wanted to create a line of swimwear made up of pieces that could be easily mixed and matched, and that allowed women to have a swimsuit to wear for leisure or style…or both. They support and give back to organizations aligned with the mission of sustainability, such as Honey Love Org and Heal The Bay.

These 5 Ethical Swimwear Brands Make Sustainable Sexy As Heck

What’s your favorite ethical swimwear brand? Are there any that you would add to this list?

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Photo: Pexels, Respective Brands

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