Need A Mental Detox? These 10 Essential Oil Diffuser Blends Melt Stress Away

December 22, 2017

If you’re anything like me, your inner state can be swiftly transformed by the power of fragrance. (Which is why I’m obsessed with vegan perfumes!) I became enamored with essential oils when my husband started an English teaching position and I picked up a part-time gig at the university’s writing center where I help students with their papers. Given the stressful nature of writing college papers, the folks at the writing center pull out all the stops to make our room peaceful, calming, and welcoming.

For the people in charge when I first started, this meant cueing up the meditative playlists on Spotify, hanging a sea glass wind chime near the air vent, and diffusing essential oils. We are truly a little oasis!

During downtime between writing consultations, one of the popular topics of conversation was essential oils—how to diffuse them, where to buy them (we are ride-or-die Edens Garden if you must know), and which blends are our favorites. I was a total essential oils noob and absorbed everything like dry skin absorbs an argan oil-lavender-patchouli massage oil.

While the staff at the center changes every year, I hold dear my old essential oil club memories—and I’m still all about diffusing oils—especially the variety that wipe your stress away! Here are a few blends to try if you’re looking for a natural—and super pleasant way—to melt your stress away, mentally heal, and channel inner peace.

Essential Oil Diffuser Blends for When You Need a Mental Detox

Essential Oil Diffuser Blends to Melt Stress

Be sure to check out our tips for how to diffuse essential oils and how to safely use essential oils. Also, feel free to experiment with oil ratios and portions to suit your preferences and the size of your diffuser. (I use a small, single-room electric cool steam diffuser. A larger diffuser may require additional drops of each oil.)

Buh-Bye, Anxiety! Blend

4 drops clary sage

3 drops frankincense

2 drops bergamot

1 drop geranium

Yoga in the Air Blend

3 drops lavender

3 drops sandalwood

2 drops patchouli

Mental Cobwebs Be Gone Blend

4 drops juniper

3 drops rosemary

2 drops grapefruit

Dreamy Uplift Blend

3 drops basil

3 drops sweet orange

3 drops geranium

2 drops rose

Sexy, Calm Goddess Blend

4 drops sandalwood

2 drops rose

2 drops jasmine

1 drop patchouli

Open Your Heart Blend

2 drops cypress

2 drops rose

2 drops lavender

1 drop frankincense

Stay Focused Blend

4 drops rosemary

3 drops lemon

2 drops peppermint

Headache Escape Blend

4 drops non-toxic wintergreen

2 drops lavender

1 drop patchouli

Bedroom Sanctuary Blend

4 drops lavender

3 drops ylang ylang

2 drops vetiver

Mary’s Signature Peaceful Blend

3 drops ylang ylang

3 drops lavender

2 drops spruce

2 drops eucalyptus

Essential Oil Diffuser Blends to Melt Stress

I’ve enjoyed these blends while working in my home office (a.k.a. blogging nook), while cleaning the house, and during at-home yoga sessions. Now that I have a little person, I enjoy my oils while I take a bath (…when there is time for a bath), and I avoid diffusing them around her (but sooner or later she will be initiated into the world of essential oil magic, muahaha!).

What are your favorite essential oil diffuser blends for mental detox?

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Photo:  Sarah Diniz Outeiro via Unsplash, Edens Garden

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