Editor's Picks: Vegan Summer Beauty Indulgences

July 5, 2016

Lately, makeup and beauty philosophies have become more user-friendly–more about “what works” for the wearer. (Finally!) In an age during which you can creatively use a spoon to apply your contour, there certainly aren’t any hard-and-fast rules about how you should be doing your makeup–nor is there a strict list of the kind of products you must stock in your makeup bag. (Hate mattifying powders? Skip ’em!)

The idea that beauty should be about what the user enjoys as opposed to what the fickle beauty world prescribes the user inspired this list of Vegan Summer Beauty Indulgences. The following items are either a new part of my beauty regimen this summer–or staples I turn to any season. Ultimately, my goal is to share some cool products and independent brands with you to inspire your summer beauty shopping. Hopefully, there’s a little something for everyone 🙂

Vegan Summer Beauty Picks

Editor's Picks: Vegan Summer Beauty Indulgences

Love & Toast Perfume: Pomme Poivre

Editor's Picks: Vegan Summer Beauty Indulgences Editor's Picks: Vegan Summer Beauty Indulgences

I discovered this natural-based perfume at a new health store that recently opened in town. Love & Toast is a wallet-friendly brand with a series of lovely fragrances. My favorite is Pomme Poivre (meaning “spiced apple” in French). It doesn’t really smell like apple, however. (At least that I can tell!) Rather, it’s a blend of vanilla orchid, white musk, jasmine, and ebony woods. It begins as a cuddly floral and leaves behind a sexy warmth. The best part is that it lasts quite a while for a natural-based fragrance. I think these perfumes would make great transition fragrances for anyone interested in sampling natural perfumes (without dousing themselves in patchouli oil–you have more options!).

blendSMART Makeup Brushes 

Editor's Picks: Vegan Summer Beauty Indulgences Editor's Picks: Vegan Summer Beauty Indulgences Editor's Picks: Vegan Summer Beauty Indulgences

Even though moving to Texas took me some adjustment, it seems like I’m always encountering innovative thinkers, including the people behind blendSMART, a Houston-based makeup brush brand. Not only are these super-soft brushes animal-free, they’re motorized! (Like a Clarisonic but for your makeup!) Using a gentle spinning motion, they do the work of blending for you. To switch from foundation to blush, you simply swap out the brush heads. I was quite surprised by how little makeup you need when using these–which is especially nice in the summer. No one likes to feel like her face is melting. (The first time I gave these a spin, my normal of blush was way too much!). I recommend this brushes if you have sensitive skin or are troubled by acne. They’re certainly gentler than fingers and many standard brushes. Also, being synthetic, blendSMART brushes are less likely to spread bacteria (here’s why vegan brushes are the best!).

Pacifica Sea Foam Complete Face Wash 

Editor's Picks: Vegan Summer Beauty Indulgences

This face wash feels particularly indulgent–it foams beautifully without overdrying skin, and its fragrance (all natural) is light and coconut-y. This is a handy cleanser if you’re in the habit of wearing water-resistant eye makeup but you never have the energy at night to go through a multi-step cleansing process (me!). This cleanser does a great job of getting off all the mascara.

Gressa Lip Boost: Bare

Editor's Picks: Vegan Summer Beauty Indulgences

I imagine I have mentioned this product on Peaceful Dumpling before. If so, it’s a testament to how lovely it is! I’ve definitely tried a slew of lip goodies, and this falls among my favorites. Gressa Lip Boost is the perfect blend of lip balm and non-sticky gloss. In an odd turn of summer beauty woes, I’ve been experiencing the worst chapped lips ever (dehydration? ugh, who knows!). This pot of castor oil-based goodness is one of the few products that’s managed to soothe my lips. Bonus: It’s a little more glam than whipping out a big jar of pure shea butter (but I do that, too!).

Precious Skin Elixirs Sea Pearl Exfoliating Clay

Editor's Picks: Vegan Summer Beauty Indulgences

Don’t worry vegans, there are no actual pearls in here! Formulated with French green clay, sea clay, rosehip seed, and bamboo, this powder-to-mousse exfoliator makes a deeply cleansing mask that helps extract impurities from pores, stimulate circulation, and slough off dead skin cells. I especially recommend this if summer months leave your skin looking less than lustrous–of if you just want an excuse to chill for twenty minutes!

What are your favorite vegan summer beauty products? 

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Photos: Mary Hood Luttrell

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