Eco Chic Challenge: The 10-Item Wardrobe, Part 2

February 20, 2014

Organized Closet, Eco Clothing

Last week, I began my journey towards a 10-item wardrobe.  I shared my plans to replace my favorite black cami and spiff up an old dress that still has some mileage in it.  Well, I couldn’t resist adding another item to the to-do list: cleaning out my closet.  You should be so grateful that I didn’t take a before picture 🙂  Sure, it was fairly organized (though quite full), but some of the contents would probably surprise you.

Although I’m old enough to have a graduate degree, I was hanging on to clothes I’ve had since eighth grade!  Why?!  At least a few days out of the week, I’d go around wearing holey or seriously faded clothing. Needless to say, some of these items will be turned into household rags because they’re not fit for donation.

Phew, that was a little rough for me to write.  Fortunely, my closet cleanout has a happy ending!  Although I felt a little overwhelmed at first,  I started to really enjoy the process of storing the clothing I never wore anyways and chucking those scary items mentioned above. Before I reorganized everything, all of my day-time dresses were shoved in the back corner, but because I love wearing my dresses and want to find ways to wear them more, I put them front and center!

Organized Closet, Eco Clothing

My dresses and skirts greet me when I open my closet–as do many empty hangers!

With all of the extra space in my closet, I have a better sense of what I need to complete the perfect, small wardrobe—really, just a few versatile tops and a nice pair of black slacks. I also realized that I don’t have to think as much when I’m getting dressed! Fewer, more flattering options take the stress out of getting ready.  Third bonus: I’ll never have to dig for a spare hanger again!

Cream crocheted sweater cardigan

A fun find from my over-packed closet.

What’s more, I rediscovered a cream, crocheted cardigan/shawl that had managed to get lost under some winter scarves.  This is a fun, casual piece that’s so easy to throw over a cami and jeans.  It certainly brings a little bohemian flair to my often muted (or black) outfit combinations.

cream crocheted sweater cardigan

What will you find hiding in your closet?

Here’s my dare to you: Try these tips to reorganize your closet.   In the process, go “closet shopping” for one piece that you really love but has managed to hide itself among your other clothes.

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