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What I Eat in a Day: Meal Confessions of a Vegan Nutritionist

As a vegan, do you feel you get enough protein? If so, from where?

This is the biggest and most persistent question every vegan will face at some point in their life. You can be a lean, mean, muscular machine and still get asked this question as a vegan. For those unfamiliar with the diet it is a fair concern because the advertisement for more protein is everywhere. However, the amount of protein that is emphasized in our culture today is overkill. Yes, proteins are the building blocks of the body.  Your body needs to break down protein from your diet to utilize individual amino acid to keep your cells functioning at an optimal level so you can keep on, keepin’ on.

So do I get enough protein as a vegan? Absolutely! At minimum, our bodies require .40 g of protein per body weight.

Let’s say you weigh 150 lbs. Now, times that by .40grams. You will need to eat a minimum of 60g of protein per day.


Simple! Check out this list of plant-based protein options:

Broccoli (1 cup) = 3g of protein

Kidney Beans (1 cup) = 8g of protein

Nut butter (2 Tbs.) = 8g of protein

Hemp seeds, perhaps in a salad (3 tbs.) = 10g protein

Tempeh (1/2 cup) = 15.5g of protein

Edamame (1 cup) = 17g protein

Altogether, you get 61.5g of protein from these foods alone and there are always more to add to the list! And vegetables do have protein!
If you are still unsure if you are getting enough protein remember all of us do NOT live the same lifestyle which may require you to eat more or less than others. Nutrition is individualized. The overall message is to eat a well balance whole-foods diet. Please do not get caught up counting every macro nutrient (protein, fat and carb). With a balanced diet, you will receive optimal protein and then some.  Want to know what an active vegan nutritionist consumes in a day? Click Next Page to Find out! 

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