DIY Beauty Kits Are The First Major Beauty Trend of 2017. Here's What We Love

February 9, 2017

These DIY Beauty Kits Are Chic Enough For Your Inner Product Snob

I knew that the DIY beauty boom had really gone mainstream when makeup artist Bobbi Brown released Remedies, a kit including elixirs and powders that can be transformed into customized skincare products. (Unfortunately, Bobbi Brown is not considered a cruelty-free brand, so I won’t be sampling Remedies anytime soon.)

But my point is this: DIY beauty was once something mainly associated with the “crunchy granola” types—those of us fearlessly highlighting our hair with lemon juice and treating our pores to some mashed avocado love—but now DIY beauty is chicer than ever thanks to some awesome DIY beauty kits. Not only do these kits make DIY more palatable for those of us who are used to getting our beauty fix from a shiny package, they also encourage precision for more effective homemade concoctions.

Oleum Vera

These DIY Beauty Kits Are Chic Enough For Your Inner Product Snob

These gorgeous kits feature a bounty of fine ingredients. I recently tried the Organic Home Spa Kit and the Organic Face Moisturizing Kit. Both kits come with organic, sustainably harvested carrier and essential oils. The Home Spa kit, for example, contains macadamia, grapeseed, kukui nut, and avocado oils as well as frankincense, vetiver, patchouli, and lavender essential oils. Kits also include dropper vials, glass bottles, and a handy recipe booklet. Each kit can yield multiple recipes—and you may even have some leftover ingredients! Other kits include facial cleansing, haircare, body care, and men’s care. Each kit is $75—and for the quantity of quality ingredients they provide, this is a wonderful price!

LOLI Beauty

These DIY Beauty Kits Are Chic Enough For Your Inner Product Snob

LOLI beauty (living organic loving ingredients) is a subscription service that delivers boxes of pure, natural ingredients for DIY beauty adventures. The idea is to strip beauty down to the basics—no fancy labeling or branding. Although the kitchen pantry is also a great place to start when it comes to DIY beauty, LOLI takes things up a notch by sourcing unique ingredients from exotic locales. The packaging is made with every effort to be sustainable and recyclable. Because everyone’s beauty needs are different, LOLI offers ways to customize your box. Kits include pre-measured ingredients for skin, hair, and bath & body blends. One box costs $38 while a three-month subscription (3 boxes) costs $35 per box. Shipping is free.

Skin Perfection: Natural and Organic Beauty

These DIY Beauty Kits Are Chic Enough For Your Inner Product Snob

Offering a variety of potent botanical ingredients, antioxidants, essential oils, and peptides, Skin Perfection allows you to create customized facial serums. The Make Your Own Custom Super Serum Kit comes with two airless bottles that help extend the life of your serum, a natural preservative (leucidal radish root liquid), and hyaluronic acid for your base. You can add a variety of boosters to the kit; just a few options include copper peptides and edelweiss. Of course, safely making your own non-oil-based facial serum can get a bit complicated. Fortunately, Skin Perfection has put together a detailed series of videos and instructions, so you can turn your kitchen into a proper beauty lab. The serum kit is $19.95; added boosters are extra.

Have you tried any of these DIY beauty kits?

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