Detoxify with a Castor Oil Pack

March 10, 2014
detoxifying castor oil pack

Pesticides, medications, environmental toxins — it all adds up in our body. Those of you who are able to maintain a plant-heavy diet in the face of delicious desserts do a pretty stellar job of detoxifyng your system already, but the rest of us could use a little help sometimes.

Did you know that castor oil is not only great for your skin and hair, but it can also help detoxify your liver? Our noble livers who work so hard, they remove all sorts of toxins from our systems and they need a spa day too! Lucky for them there’s a Castor Oil Pack on our Spring Spa Day menu!

Here’s what you need:

Castor Oil Pack

3 tbsp of castor oil (hexane-free)

8″ by 10″ cotton cloth

plastic wrap

water bottle (filled with warm water)

blanket or towel


1. Spread castor oil on the cotton cloth. 2. Place the cloth so that it covers the right side of your abdomen. 3. Cover the cloth completely with one layer of plastic wrap. This will ensure that any stickiness from the castor oil is contained. 4. Place the warm water bottle over the plastic  wrap and cover everything with a blanket or towel to insulate the gentle heat. 4. Lie down for 45 minutes to 1 hour and let the castor oil work it’s magic.

When the process is complete, remember to wash your skin and any fabric covered with castor oil in warm, soapy water. It’s a sticky mess, I know, but after you’ll ask yourself, “Castor Oil Pack, where have you been all my life?”

Castor oil has an abundance of ricinoleic acid, a unique fatty acid which is attributed to the oil’s healing properties, and is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent as well. Castor Oil Packs are so wonderful because they help increase lymphatic circulation, detoxify, improve digestion, boost immunity, ease pain, and increase energy. Actually, it’s a spa day for the liver’s neighbors too!

If it hasn’t been clear already–I love castor oil packs! Personally, I enjoy watching a Mad Men rerun while my pack goes to work. There’s something oddly amusing about detoxifying my liver while watching Don Draper soak his in Scotch. After, I have more energy and my eyes look sparkly and bright. I can’t say the same about Mr. Draper though!

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Photo: Tanya Lichtenstein


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