In Defense of Yoga Pants + 5 Picks!

September 14, 2014

Yoga pants have gotten a bad reputation these days. Wearing them can feel like a crime against fashion, or an unapologetic acceptance of laziness/fatigue/lack of clean laundry. Telling someone “I’m in my yoga pants” quickly translates to this visual: reclining on a sofa with a binge-watching How I Met Your Mother, with a “healthy” chia-mocha smoothie within arm’s distance.

But the fact of the matter is, yoga pants are meant to be worn in the exact opposite position–unless, of course, you’re collapsed in savasana after a 90-minute run through sun salutations, inversions, and back bends. A good pair of yoga pants is about as invaluable to one’s practice as open hip flexors or xxxxxxxx. They need to provide the right amount of stretch, breathability, coverage–and of course a little bit of style–to make it through the crazy bodily contortions that yoga prescribes on the path to enlightenment and inner peace. When you’re trying to perfect downward facing dog, perhaps on a hot summer day, you don’t want your focus to drift away from lengthening your spine toward the view you’re giving the person behind you.

Finding the perfect pair of yoga pants isn’t as simple as one might think. Like jeans, no to pairs are alike, and a good yogi must use discretion when considering the fabric, cut, and price tag. Click through for some Peaceful Dumpling-approved pairs: namaste.

Features Editor Jennifer Kurdyla is a New York City girl with Jersey roots and a propensity for getting lost in the urban jungle. An experienced publishing professional, yoga instructor, home chef, sometimes-runner, and writer, she adopted a vegetarian lifestyle in 2008 and became vegan in 2013. She has written for The Harvard Review Online, The Rumpus, and Music & Literature and maintains a wellness-based website, Be Nourished, which features original writing and recipes. Follow her on Facebook, Instagram @jenniferkurdyla, Twitter @jenniferkurdyla, and Pinterest.


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