4 Creative Ways to Make Gorgeous Albums and Prints

November 3, 2015

Between Instagram and Facebook, many of us have a veritable archive of images to help us relive and share moments both small and significant. Although I love looking at old photos on my Instagram and being reminded of the time my husband and I went apartment hunting in our new hometown or when I got to meet Peaceful Dumpling’s EIC, Juhea(!), there’s a part of me that longs for tangible, unchanging albums and scrapbooks—the kind you can return to year after year like a room in your grandmother’s home or that novel you fell in love with twelve years ago. Indeed, part of this longing probably comes from my love for print books (which, thank goodness, are *not* dying!).

But I digress. Creating “hard copy” versions your photographs and memories—including your best Instagram photos!—gives you something that the most well-curated Facebook albums cannot. As soon as something is tangible (even if it evokes emotions that are not), it feels more like your own. Facebook isn’t something that’s really mine. But my scrapbook? That’s a different story.

If you like to hold a book in your hand or see a lovely photo on your wall (i.e., if you’re human), then the following ways to capture moments may inspire you. You may also consider adapting one of these ideas for a holiday gift—I certainly am!

Artifact Uprising

With its contemporary aesthetic and range of printing options (from calendars to photo books to holiday cards to wall hangings), Artifact Uprising makes it easy to design and print classy keepsakes with your own photos. I recently ordered a photo book filled with images from our wedding, and I can’t wait for it to arrive so I can give it to my husband for Christmas.


Artifact Uprising offers a variety of ways to make gorgeous albums and prints.

Bind Your Cards Together

If you received several cards for a special occasion (like baby’s first birthday) or if a loved on has sent you special cards over the years, you can bind them together with embroidery floss or ribbons. I followed this tutorial, but I skipped the part about painting over the cards.

Turning Your Keepsakes and Photos into Albums and Prints Turning Your Keepsakes and Photos into Albums and Prints Turning Your Keepsakes and Photos into Albums and Prints

Make an Eco-Friendly Scrapbook

Purchasing a new, blank scrapbook is perfect if you find something that you really like. I’ve always made my own books because I’m so picky about aesthetics, and nothing at Michael’s ever seemed to suit my style. Instead, I use recycled drawing paper for the inside (cut and folded into signatures) and bind it using Coptic stitch to cardboard piece (that I eventually decorate) cut from the back of the drawing paper pad.

There are several ways to make your own book depending on your time and supplies. Coptic stitch is nice for creating lay-flat books, however. I’m in the process of making a Coptic stitch book for little scraps from our wedding and honeymoon.

Turning Your Keepsakes and Photos into Albums and Prints

Coptic Stitch Binding

Turning Your Keepsakes and Photos into Albums and Prints

It lies flat!

Make Stickers—and Other Little Goodies Using Social Print Studio

This clever printing service gives you the option to print photo strips (à la the photo booth outside of the movie theater), miniature photos, and even stickers. This would be the perfect service to use to print your favorite Instagram photos and even selfies—just in case you’d like a sticker of your own face 😉

Turning Your Keepsakes and Photos into Albums and Prints


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Photos: Artifact Uprising, Mary Hood Luttrell, Social Print Studio


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