6 Coolest New Products for the Gluten-Free Vegan

September 16, 2014

Discovering new products is one of my favorite things. Sure I can come up with concoctions myself, but seeing inventive items pop up on store shelves is much more exciting.

This means that more options are becoming readily available for those with dietary restrictions, allergies, or intolerance. Plus, exposure to new ingredients can broaden your horizons, expand your culinary repertoire and increase your nutrient intake.

The following six products are not staples, per se, but they are beneficial in their own way–not to mention intriguing. All are vegan & gluten-free, and most are nut and soy-free as well. I predict that many of them will be trending in the health food scene in the near future.

1. Hope Foods Organic Dark Chocolate Spread


If you love “dessert hummus” (like this) and “secret-ingredient cookie dough” then you’re sure to love this new spread from hope foods. It’s a creamy, low-fat chocolate spread made with- you guessed it- chickpeas! This component makes it a healthy, lower-fat alternative to nut-based chocolate dips. Hope foods also makes savory spreads like Kale Pesto and Thai Coconut Curry Hummus, so be sure to check those out as well. ($5.49 for 8 oz. tub)

2. Baobab Superfood Chews


Baobab is the latest “superfruit” to hit the market. It hails from sub-saharan African and claims to have more antioxidants than your favorite berry and more calcium than milk! And now you can get it in these yummy fruit bites. They are made simply–containing only baobab powder and natural fruit puree. Find the mango, raspberry, strawberry or pomegranate-flavored chews in a health food store near you. ($10.99 for 4 oz. bag)

3. Date Lady Caramel Sauce


Who doesn’t love caramel? It lends itself nicely to so many dishes–especially in sauce form. This particular sauce is especially great because it is low-fat, free of added sugars, and made up of only three ingredients- one of which is dates! Spoon over vegan ice-cream, stir into coffee, or eat straight from the jar.  ($8.99 for 12 oz. bottle)

4. Shiny Spoons Buckwheat Pudding


If you avoid gluten, you are probably familiar with buckwheat- a “pseudo-grain” that is actually a fruit. It is a nutritious source of fiber and protein that can be found in stews, cereals, pasta, and more. Shiny Spoons creatively chose to use buckwheat as the base for their puddings, which come in the following four flavors: Salted Carael Mocha, Organic Blueberry & Jasmine, Vanilla Bean Cashew, or Dark, Dark Chocolate. ($2.50 for 4 oz. cup),

5. Organic Gemini Tigernut Horchata



You may not know it, but horchata was the original non-dairy milk. It is a Latin beverage traditionally made from water & sugar plus a seed, nut or grain (especially rice). This variation is made with Tigernuts, in Spanish fashion. But the catch is that this version is raw! Plus it is actually nut-free and comes in a variety of fun flavors. Try Unsweetened, Original, Bee Pollen, Coffee or Chai. ($6.99 for 12 oz. bottle)

6. WEDO Gluten Free Banana Flour


As wheat sensitivity has increased over the past few years, alternative flours have been flying into stores left and right. You may have seen your fair share of nut-based or even bean-based meals, but I bet you haven’t seen fruit-based just yet. WEDO Banana Flour is made from just one ingredient, making it suitable for just about anyone. It can be subbed in any recipe and it is made with unripe green bananas, so the flavor can work in both sweet and savory dishes. ($9.99 for 16 oz. container)

Are you excited about any of these? What’s your favorite new gluten-free vegan find? 

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