Is Colonics The New Juicing? On Kate Upton's Controversial Wellness Ritual

August 9, 2017

If you’re a book lover, chances are you get a rush from cruising #shelfies. If you’re into makeup, there’s nothing like peering into another beauty buff’s arsenal of products. For wellness junkies like us Peaceful Dumplings, we’re super curious about the morning rituals of the gorgeous and glowing. After all, there’s nothing like a few holistic activities to set the right tone for the day—and nourish our bodies (inside and out!) for the long run.

Supermodel Kate Upton recently shared her morning routine detailing her favorite wellness rituals (you may already do some of these!) and one treatment that may surprise you. Read on to see how Kate Upton starts her day!


She begins her morning with a glass of room temperature water with a squeeze of lemon—“It helps get my digestion going.” Drinking lemon water is also a great way to boost your immunity and alkalize the body. Plus, lemon water devotees swear by its power to help keep your complexion clear. (Sometimes the most impressive superfoods are the most basic staples!)

After her lemon water, Upton drinks black coffee or an almond milk latte (yay for dairy-free options!). For a less acidic brew, try cold brew coffee—it’s easy to make and you can add your favorite vegan milk for a delicious iced café au lait suited for the dog days of summer.

Vegan Coffee Recipe: Cold Brew Iced Café au Lait

Next comes a walk with her dog, Harley, to “get my blood and his blood moving and make sure we’re both staying active.” If there’s time, Upton also squeezes in a morning workout—usually one that involves weight training: “It makes me feel strong. Working out is probably the best thing I can do for my stress and anxiety—it helps clear my head and it’s nice to take care of myself. That and yoga breathing.”

Kate Upton's Morning Routine

Kate & Harley

Upton isn’t one for skipping breakfast and fixes herself a balanced meal featuring healthy carbs and protein. Try this avocado toast with hemp hearts and walnuts.

Vegan Breakfast Recipes: Maple Walnut Avocado Toast with Apple

If Upton is traveling (which is often in her profession), she swears by Pedialyte Electrolyte Powder, a powdered electrolyte mix that helps keep you hydrated on-the-go. If you’re in the market for something a little less processed, a reusable to-go canteen filled with water and several cucumber slices (a natural source of electrolytes) is a great option. By packing her own snacks (like protein bars), Upton is able to stay healthy and avoid munching on whatever is around her.

Last but not least, Upton regularly does colonics.  “Not only does it make you feel better—especially with all of the bad food I put in my body—but [I feel like] it helps cleanse you of any stress or any feelings you’ve been holding onto. I’ve noticed a big change in everything—in my skin, my attitude, everything.”

Colon cleansing isn’t something to try lightly, however. There exists no scientific evidence that colonics remove aged stools or unhealthy bacteria (among other purported benefits), and the treatment poses some serious risks as well–including dehydration, bowel perforation, infection, and a dangerous electrolyte balance. Additional risks accompany colonic treatments performed by non-medical professionals. (Hint: this is not a DIY endeavor!)

Instead of jumping aboard the colon cleansing train (ehh…), prioritize a healthy, fiber-rich diet that supports your body’s natural (and underestimated!) detoxification system. Yep–your body is designed to do a great job of cleansing you, especially when you’re in decent health and you follow common sense self-care. So save the colonics for necessary medical procedures! While you’re at it, skip the pricey juice cleanses, too.

What is your favorite way to start the day?

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Photo: Kate Upton via Instagram, Mary Hood Luttrell, Lauren Kirchmaier

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