I Overhauled My Lifestyle To Clear Acne--And Got Skin That Even Facialists Envy

December 27, 2017

Glowing skin is a sign of health and wellbeing. And let’s be honest, we are all obsessed with it because it’s also a beauty symbol.

I have been blessed with a relatively even skin until this summer when I experienced truly unfortunate breakouts that led me to get a facial–my first facial ever since having moved to NYC in 2013–that’s wild, I know! Clearly, it was a desperate situation.

It made me focus a bit more on my skin and try to figure out why it had been so bad. A combination of stress, working out outside in the boiling heat, and my diet could be identified as culprits. But really, had I moved so far away from my habits that had preserved my skin nicely until now?

Well, I recently went and got another facial and to my happiness, the lovely lady who took care of my face told me I had the skin or a 20-year-old with “no major issues.” I was delighted and it made me think about what I had changed that helped to bring my skin back to normal.

How I Keep My Skin Glowing All Year Round

1. I changed my skin care and beauty products.

For a while, I was convinced that a lot of the skin cleansing products were the same and that using disposable wet towels was just as effective as using more traditional skin cleaners. But when my skin started to become super dry, I decided to ditch the towels and only use them in emergency situations/while traveling. I now use the Cure cleaners as well as their moisturizer. I also make sure to never ever skip cleansing my skin at night before going to bed–mom was right, this is the most important self-care habit of all!

How I Keep My Skin Glowing All Year Round

As it turns out, properly cleansing skin does more than simply remove your makeup and sunscreen (although that’s no small thing!). Thoroughly cleansing your skin before bed removes the invisible things, too–like acne-causing bacteria and even pollution. This prevents skin from becoming inflamed while allowing for maximum absorption of skin care products–like any serums or night creams. All of these things combined sets your skin up to heal and renew as efficiently as possible while you sleep.

2. I started handling my outdoor workouts better.

Working out outside can be super nice because being in nature is even better than workout out inside. Nevertheless, heat, cold,  and pollution can definitely take a toll on your skin. So now I make sure to clean my skin after working out outside, instead of just in the evening. I also recently added a toner to my daily routine and use it before and after working out. The results have been phenomenal, and I definitely recommend using a toner, especially in winter when your skin dries out really quickly. Look for a toner that includes hydrating ingredients, especially humectants, which attract moisture to skin. Ingredients like aloe, rose water, and hyaluronic acid are soothing and hydrating. Furthermore, adding an extra thick day cream in winter is also a good idea if you live in a cold climate.

How I Keep My Skin Glowing All Year Round

Andalou Naturals 1,000 Roses Floral Toner

How I Keep My Skin Glowing All Year Round

Ursa Major Golden Hour Recovery Cream

3. I changed my diet ever so slightly.

I always knew that diet influenced skin health. Eating unprocessed plants is the best way to support your health–inside and outside–but what I didn’t realize is how much slight changes in diet can impact the glow of your skin. For example, I had been eating lots of nut butters and found that when I slightly reduced the consumption of nuts, my skin had fewer breakouts. I also cut out all added sugar–even maple syrup–and now try to only eat date sugar. It makes a big difference for my skin and I now barely have any impurities. Here’s why sugar and acne don’t mix!

Have you tried changing your lifestyle to banish breakouts? If so, what did you change and what were the results?

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Photo: Bekir Dönmez on Unsplash, Respective Brands

​Isabelle grew up in Luxembourg and transitioned from an omnivore, cheese loving life to a plant-based diet after she finished her master's in urban studies in Paris and moved to NYC in January 2013. Her decision was triggered by environmental, ethical as well as health reasons. She is passionate about veganism and health and has a plant-based nutrition certificate from e-Cornell. The Plantiful is her blog and creative outlet that she uses to share her love for all things plant-based. Isabelle is also a health coach and a certified yoga teacher with focus on restorative.


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