Cultivate Your Own Brand Of Classic Beauty With Olivia Palermo’s Timeless Tips

August 1, 2017

Somehow I managed to pass through life only seeing a few episodes of reality TV here and there, so I missed Olivia Palermo’s stint on The City, a spin off of The Hills, (which was, of course, a spin-off of Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County). Despite hardly keeping track of the dizzying number of reality shows my generation seemed to be fawning over at a given time, I did take note of Olivia Palermo’s incredible style and classic beauty when she was featured in Vogue and the like.

She never fails to look both elegant and contemporary with a subtle flair that’s all her own, and the way she quietly occupies her role as a style icon is a refreshing departure from the way that other famous-for-being-famous folks continually fill our newsfeeds with their shenanigans.

Indeed, Palermo is all about keeping it polished—in more ways than one. She recently served as guest creative director at cruelty-free nail lacquer brand Ciaté London, and instead of instantly releasing a slew of the latest trendy colors, her first line featured truly timeless colors—nude, coral, and red—proving that this gal is all about classic beauty. Read on for her advice on cultivating your own special brand of classic beauty.

1. Find a makeup routine you love, and educate yourself about what products work best for you.

“Makeup really is the most important accessory. Whether it’s a bold statement with smoky eyes or a more clean look, makeup really ties your whole look together. Personally, I love a matte foundation and a little bit of light contour, with a nude lip and smoky eyes,” she told Byrdie

Palermo generally does her own makeup, so’s she’s mastered what works best for her, but when it comes to choosing tricky products, like foundation, she consults the experts. (So don’t be afraid to chat with the friendly staff at your local Sephora!)


2. Follow tried-and-true beauty advice—it’s cliché for a reason!

Palermo swears by always removing her makeup before bed. Her ride-or-die cleansing products include Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare All-In-One Cleanser with Toner and a sonic cleansing device, both of which help keep her skin clear of breakouts. 

While you’re at it, “stay out of the sun,” she advises, “drink lots of water, and find creams that work best on your skin type. Eat lots of berries; they’re full of antioxidants. Also, you can’t be afraid to test products!”

3. Have a classic beauty signature—and celebrate it!

Palermo admits to being obsessed with maintaining her manicures. ”I hate chipped polish. Red is my signature color, and I always have my fingers match my toes. Even in the fall and winter, when no one sees my toes, I maintain my pedicure—it makes me feel put together.” Her love of mani-pedis is rooted in getting her nails done with her mom as a young girl. Find a beauty signature that reminds you of loved ones and happy memories.

4. When in doubt, get a fresh start in the morning. It can make a big difference in how you feel the rest of the day. “I always do my hair and make-up for myself in the morning – it makes me feel good. Every day is a new day, so I like to start with a fresh face, fresh hair, fresh everything,” Palermo told Marie Claire. “If you feel fresh when you look in the mirror, it sets the tone for the day. By getting dressed and feeling put together, it puts your mindset in a better place to be a bit more motivated.”


5. Finally, don’t get wrapped up in outer beauty alone.

“Any outfit you have is not complete without inner beauty…It adds that finishing touch, and it helps tell the story,” she told Allure. “Beauty can transform you, but it shouldn’t mask who you are. It should bring out the best of who you are.” 

How do you define classic beauty?

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Photo: Olivia Palermo via Instagram

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