Celebrity Estheticians Share 10 Ingenious Skin Care Tips You Can Do At Home

May 25, 2017

Top Estheticians Share 10 Skin Care Tips You Can Do At Home

At Peaceful Dumpling, we’re always keeping our ears open for the latest developments in skin care. While we know that true beauty comes from within, skin care, when performed mindfully, can serve as a grounding, self-care ritual. For some of us busy folks, our morning and evening routine may be our only outlet for some downtime on a hectic day.

Fortunately, skin care can be quite effective without the intervention of fancy gadgets or the use of $$$ products. The following skin care tips from these celebrity estheticians illustrate that good skin starts at home. Read on for their totally doable tips, and treat yourself to a little TLC!

1. Sometimes a single-ingredient product can work wonders—especially when it comes to cleansing and moisturizing. “I hate stripping down the skin—I find sunflower oil to be the most effective cleanser. I massage the oil in [without using any water] and then remove it with a warm wet muslin cloth. The oil helps make my skin soft, smooth, and it thins the oil in the pores to remove debris, which could potentially lead to a blemish. It is really great for all skin types.” —Kristina Holey, San Francisco

2. Use yoga to enhance your skin treatments. “I use one of my own sheet masks almost every night and I’m not good at sitting around, so I do yoga to pass the time. I have found that doing downward dog makes my skin feel like I’m kicking my mask into overdrive. It’s no secret that yoga is good for your circulation and lymphatic system. I always see a big difference and I know my mask is penetrating better.” —Joanna Vargas, New York City. Vargas tends to the complexions of Sofia Coppola, Naomi Watts, Julianne Moore, and Maggie Gyllenhaal!

3. Don’t let breakouts (or anti-blemish products) get the better of you. ”If you break out, mix your moisturizer with a bit of an anti-breakout product and apply it to the problem area. This will help, but also prevent the skin from drying out and forming any dark scabs.”Cristina Radu, Los Angeles. Radu works her magic on Tilda Swinton, Rosamund Pike, and Brad Pitt (Brad Pitt!).

4. Enhanced circulation equals more beautiful skin. “If you have good skin and good hair, you can wear anything and look like a million dollars. I exercise skin with my hands. I believe in constant stimulation of blood circulation. If you stimulate your skin’s circulation every day, you can erase lines.” —Aida Bicaj, New York City

5. Detoxing from sugar is a key anti-ager. ”For my clients that are starting to see the effects of aging, I advise them to curb their sugar intake, including wine. They see a big difference in the skin’s luster and health, and we really see the skin start to perk up. We also do food-allergy testing on our clients. For some, detecting allergies (and avoiding those foods) has reduced problems.” —Terri Lawton, Los Angeles

6. Always workout with a clean face. “Perspiration mixed with cosmetics is a bacterial stew for your pores to steep in. Never, ever work out with a full face. Not even a tinted moisturizer.” —Marjorie Whitfield, New York City

7. Mind your bed linens for a clearer complexion. ”Clean sheets and pillowcases make a big difference since sleeping on dirty linens can contribute to acne.” —Ildi Pekar, New York City

8. Don’t go crazy with exfoliation. ”I recommend only doing so one to two times per week, depending on your skin type. I am not a big fan of rough scrubs, because it is easy to overdo it, which can contribute to redness. Instead, I love a good at-home peel. —Shani Darden, Hollywood

9. Some skin-care devices are worth skipping. “The Clarisonic brush is overrated. If used occasionally, it could be fine as an additional exfoliant, but using it daily or twice a day, as often suggested, leads to over-exfoliation that causes skin to go into overdrive and produce more oil, irritation, or dryness.”Biba De Sousa, Los Angeles

10. Eat your way to gorgeous skin. “Eat pumpkins and squashes! They’re rich in collagen-building Vitamin C and Magnesium, skin-repairing Vitamin A, and carotenoids — lutein and zeaxanthin — that boost our immune system and help with inflamed skin conditions. Combine them on your lunch or dinner plate with other red and orange vegetables for extra healing boost. —Julia March, New York City

What are your favorite ways to pamper your skin?

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