How To Break Bad Habits And Have The Lifestyle You Always Dreamed Of

August 25, 2021

I went from poor choices regarding what I was putting into my body and how I was spending my time and money, into an ultra healthy and active lifestyle. I could not even imagine being a person going to gym every other day, taking dancing classes, while working, studying, and having time for self-care and enjoying life. I stopped drinking alcohol, smoking in any form, going out, and switched to extra healthy diet. My personal advice that really works is going all in. All in into the life you really want but are maybe hesitant to go after.

Thoughts inside my head were telling me that this lifestyle is for someone else, that it is a certain type of people that can live like this, so “clean,” determined, and in control. No, no, no! Everyone can do it. The moment you decide for real that you want it is the beginning of your new life. Let me guide you through what has helped me break bad habits, turn my life around and have the lifestyle I barely dared to even dream of.

Decide and dare to dream

First step is realizing how much you want to live differently. There can be so many excuses as to why it is not possible for you. Just imagine, assuming everything is possible, in a perfect reality, what would your lifestyle look like? I remember I played a little game and imagined the version of myself that seemed so far from reality that I almost wanted to laugh at how dreamy it was. I imagined myself with a sports bag running from the gym into a dancing class, being all energetic, active, and excited. This seemed like the exact opposite of everything I was. Several years later I just remembered that moment, and found myself being exactly that girl.

I, personally, received a message from the Universe. A stranger randomly told me that I can make so much more out of my life, and I need to start this very moment. It happened on the way to the airport. High up in the sky I kept thinking about his words, and I asked myself: “What if I can just go after this life I was always curious about? What if… I can achieve that? Why don’t I just try? If I don’t try I will never know. But man, how magical would that be if it does work out, if I pull it off.” And so I did.

They always amazed me, these people, waking up at 7, doing yoga, going for a run, and getting so much done during the day. They seemed to be having it all together, and the self-control I didn’t dare to even dream of. That’s the main problem, when we don’t dare to dream. That is the main obstacle on our way to the magical life we deserve. Dare, please dare!

How to beat the excuses

I had some symptoms that I felt made certain things impossible for me. And I never considered going to a doctor and checking if there is a solution. When I did, I found out that it is a simple condition that is totally doable to manage with lifestyle adjustments. For my other concerns, I just started doing yoga regularly, and yoga can fix so many issues with the body. It just brings everything into harmony and alignment. Do not assume something is not possible, check with a specialist if in doubt. Never take no for an answer. You might also consider alternative medicine or energetic healing. But most importantly, believe that you don’t have to allow it to limit you in any way.

Another thought may be “it is too late,” especially talking about an addiction. No, it never is. Dare to break the cycle, and start by never using the word “I can’t.”

Influence of others

One of the main things holding you back can be the fear of not fitting into your old circle. When we change, we no longer fit into the same circumstances, relationships, and situations. It is a blessing, not a problem. The right people will always accept your new choices that make you feel great. People that try to keep you where you are (or where they are) are blocking your blossom. Let go of the old that doesn’t match the new you, and be open and excited to meet new people and opportunities that support your development and living your dream life.

Text yourself

This right here is my personal invention. Create a conversation between your weak and strong self. Your weak self wants to keep things as they are, it comes up with excuses, reasons, and fears to stop you from going and growing. And then there is the new you, excited and ecstatic about the new amazing life that lies ahead. When you are feeling this excitement, determination, and motivation, text your other self. Tell them why you want to keep going, remind them what you are walking towards, why it is so worth it to stay focused and say no to old habits.

You are the only person your weak self will listen to. In my weak moments, whenever I wanted to revert to the old habits, I was reading those messages and listening to voice recordings coming from my motivated self. This has helped me through the first weeks of my drastic lifestyle change, which are the hardest.

Re-allocate your expenses

I replaced bad habits with self-care, physical activity, doing all things healthy. The money I was spending on those habits I invested into skin care, superfoods, sports, procedures for my health and beauty. That made it so much easier to let go of those habits. Moreover, as I already began investing into my perfect lifestyle, I felt like any slip back into the old ways would just jeopardize those investments and their results. That really helped me keep going. For instance, I got interested in improving collagen levels in my skin. Smoking and alcohol are its worst enemies. So having done a pricey collagen treatment, I felt like even secondhand smoking would diminish the results, and I wanted to make the most out of that money spent.

What a healthy lifestyle really does for you

Basically, the healthier you go the easier it is to control the urges and bad habits. Our body requires nourishment, simple things that the modern culture does not promote as much as it should, like hydration, varied nutrition, activity, fresh air, and balance of the mind. Whenever any of these is missing, the body starts developing cravings, which we mistake for cravings for what feels satisfying. It is, however, not satisfying at all for our body.

For instance, when your body is not getting enough vitamins and certain elements this shows up as hunger. When feeling hunger we are conditioned to satisfy it with a quick fix like a snack or whatever is in the fridge. In fact, the body is starving for some vegetables, vitamins, minerals. As long as you don’t provide your body with them, it keeps sending “starving” signals, thus making you want to eat even more of those snacks, that just don’t seem to do the job.

That is why it is so important to learn about nutrition and self care, and make sure you give your body everything it needs, so that it stops seeking fulfillment, and you stop reading it as wanting ice cream and chocolate, unhealthy entertainment, and reality-escape substances.

Last  advice, dive in head first. Do not give yourself time to overthink it — sign up, show up, apply, buy, move, start. Start as a test: “what if I give it my all for a month?”. At the end of that month you will be a different person.


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Photo: Willian Justen de Vasconcellos via Unsplash


Anna Chuzhmarova
Anna is a certified biofield tuning practitioner, Reiki healer and writer. She lives in Amsterdam, is a sunset, moon, water, and life appreciator and enjoys time with her loved ones, studying spirituality and healing techniques, sports, yoga, dancing, and self-care. She is passionate about helping others discover the infinite power and love within them and live their best lives. Her Instagram account is @tuningtolove.


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