Rock This Booty Burnout For A Sexy Behind Just In Time For Valentine's Day (Video)

February 12, 2018

Booty Burnout For A Sexy Behind Just In Time For Valentine's Day

What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than by showing yourself some love with a good booty workout! Look and feel great in your favorite pair of jeans and eat some chocolate guilt-free after this workout. For a toned and sculpted behind, it’s important to target all areas of the glute muscle (maximus, medius and minimus.) Burn fat, build muscle and even reduce back pain with stronger glutes. Do this workout the day of Valentine’s Day for a quick lift and incorporate it into your workout routine 2-3 times a week to maintain a sculpted behind. (I am in the last trimester of my pregnancy and all of these exercises are pregnancy safe.)

1. Bottoms-Up Lunge– Start seated on your heels. Squeeze your glutes to lift your butt off of your heels into a kneeling position. Step your right foot forward and press off your right heel to stand all the way up on your right leg. Bring your left knee up to hip height as you bring your opposite arm forward. Lower your left knee back to the ground and then your right knee to sit back on your heels. Repeat for 1 minute and then do the same on the other leg.

2. Squat Kick Back– Squat down with your legs in parallel, hip-distance apart, and your hands clasped in front of your chest. Keep your chest lifted, abs in and your weight on your heels, not allowing your knees to pass your toes. Squeeze your glutes as you straighten your legs to stand up and then lift your right leg straight back behind you with your back straight. Repeat on the right side for 1 minute and then do the same on the left leg.

3. Side Lunge to Curtsy– Stand with your legs in parallel and your hands clasped in front of your chest. Step out to the left with your left leg for a side lunge, keeping your weight on your left heel. Squeeze your left glute to stand back up on the left leg and then swing your right leg behind you at a diagonal to do a curtsy lunge, bending both knees until your back knee is about an inch off the ground. Stand back up on the left leg and reach your right leg to the side again as you perform your next rep starting with the side lunge. Do 1 minute on each leg.

4. Rainbows– Get down on all fours and place your right forearm on the ground, lowering your right shoulder towards the ground. Straighten your left leg out to the side as you look out in the same direction. Pull your abs in and squeeze your glutes to lift your left leg straight up and around to the back making a rainbow arc. Tap your left foot on the floor before lifting it back up and over to land where it started by your side. That’s one rep. Do 20 reps on each side.

5. Forward Donkey Kicks– Sit on the ground with your legs bent and hands on the floor behind you, fingers facing forward. Press off your heels and squeeze your glutes to lift your hips up as high as you can keeping your arms straight and knees directly over your heels. Lift your right knee up and extend the right leg straight out with a flexed foot trying to keep it in line with your left knee. Your hips will drop slightly when you do this. Bend the knee back in and place the right foot back on the floor as you squeeze your glutes to lift the hips back up as high as possible. Do 20 reps on each side.

Whether or not you celebrate Valentine’s Day, you don’t need an excuse to love your booty!

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Video: Crystal Chin

Crystal Chin
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