Beyond Stressed? Take 5 For These Gentle Yoga Practices (No Mat Needed)

March 29, 2017

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It may seem as though the world is moving fast as we or those around us have quite busy lifestyles and little time to just pause and take care of ourselves. Having a few minutes a day may seem like a luxury to some, but it can work wonders. Granted, this may cause some controversy as how on earth are we supposed to take some time off to do Yoga! But Yoga does not have to last two hours, one hour, or even 30 minutes (although that truly does one good!). Yoga isn’t just about the physical exercise. Yoga can take only 5 minutes of your day as you dedicate some peaceful time to connect with your body, your surroundings, and your health. Remember, Yoga has amazing benefits for the mind and the body. There’s no better time than the present to concentrate on your well-being!

1. Start in the morning.

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Have you heard this inspirational quote before? “Set a goal that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning.” Start incorporating your well-being as a goal! Before you do anything when you wake up, just set your timer for 5 minutes and start off by doing a Child’s Pose. Bring your arms forwards or behind you, rest your forehead on the floor or carpet (softer), and stay here for 10 long breaths. You’ll already feel the benefits! If you are up for it, continue by doing a few Cat-Cow poses to warm up your spine for a few rounds, and then go into your Downward Dog to activate your muscles for a few breaths. Finish off by doing a standing forward bend and slowly get up.

2. Practice being mindful.

How to add 5 minutes of Yoga to your everyday life
We often forget that Yoga is a daily practice about being present and mindful. Try to experience every moment as fully as you can. At each moment of the day, try to bring your focus back to your breath, your surroundings, or your actions and simply observe. There’s no need to do it for a long time, but a few minutes can help improve moods greatly and help you enjoy life to the fullest. Being mindful allows you to take an objective standpoint and not get caught up in the messiness that sometimes life throws at us. Sit back and enjoy life all around you. When life is not going in the direction you expected, practice this in order to take a step back and be present with yourself and emotions.

3. Breathe.

How to add 5 minutes of Yoga to your everyday life
Take some time to breathe deeply. Set 5 or 10 minutes of your day to just meditate on your breath and let your thoughts flow past you. You can do this easily at your desk if you are working at the office or in transit if you are commuting. Take deep Yoga breaths: when you inhale, focus on making your belly rise, concentrate on the breath going to your chest then up to your collar bones, hold and exhale slowly all the way down from collar to chest to belly and pushing out all stale area before taking in another breath. Do it for a set of 20 and see how it feels. Better, right?

4. Eat with intention.

How to add 5 minutes of Yoga to your everyday life
Adding yoga in your everyday life should extend to eating healthily and mindfully. Have you ever noticed that when you eat too many indulgent, you don’t necessarily feel at your best? Consuming more “pure” foods such as fruits, vegetables, and nuts and hydrating yourself with water will help make you feel better. When you start eating with intention, you start to notice more and more food that causes you more harm than good. Start slowly by making a few dietary changes on a daily basis, eat with intention for five minutes by truly embracing your food, and observe how your body and spirit feels afterwards.

Take the first step! Adding a little bit of yoga into your daily life is wonderful as you become more in tune with your body and spirit. A little step each day will bring about positive outcomes in your lifestyle. What kind of beautiful Yoga actions do you add to everyday life? 

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