10 Best Vegan Restaurants in Washington D.C.

August 26, 2021

Out of all of the cities in the U.S., Washington D.C. has the most vegan restaurants per capita! Thanks to a large Black population, veganism is highly normalized and beloved. There are some incredible vegan restaurants to choose from, but here are the top ten in the city.

10. Elife Restaurant

Formerly called “Evolve,” this cafeteria-style spot serves up 100% vegan soul food. Their nationally acclaimed Sunday brunch includes treasures like vegan sausage and grits, chickun and gravy, pancakes, waffles, and so much more. Their menu rotates on each day of the week, so there is never a boring moment at this popular restaurant.

9. Shouk

This is a locally-loved favorite in the city, serving up Middle Eastern food like cashew labneh with pita, red lentil soup, Dizengoff salad, shawarma hummus, and pita wraps! Their restaurants are also 100% wind-powered and almost all of their packaging is biodegradable!


Photo courtesy of Laura Chase de Formigny

8. Dodah’s Kitchen

If you love Southern food, this is your spot! Come for amazing vegan seafood, prepared in true Chesapeake fashion. The vegan shrimp, crab cakes, seafood mac, and fried fish are all cruelty-free and offer incredible tastes of this region that is so famous for the nearby bay. Here you can also grab incredible sandwiches, vegan chicken and waffles, and all kinds of comforting desserts.

7. DC Vegan Delicatessen

This casual restaurant is prime for sandwich appreciators, as they have an extensive menu of delicious vegan sandwiches. Come here for their creative options like their fried artichoke and tofu mozzarella sandwich with sun-dried tomato jam and lemon aioli, or their root vegetable hoagie! The options are endless, and they even have other dishes like vegan calamari, antipasti bowls, and vegan caesar salad.


Photo courtesy of DC Vegan Delicatessen

6. Pow Pow

For some of the best Asian food in the city, come to Pow Pow! The casual bowl joint serves up outstandingly flavorful dishes like firecracker fingers, disco stick eggrolls, chicken pineapple bowls, and dragon bowls. It’s all vegan, incredibly original, organic, kosher-certified, and musician-owned!


Photo courtesy of Pow Pow

5. Oyster Oyster

This upscale eatery is 99% vegan due to the fact that they serve up local oysters every so often. Other than that, vegans can pick from any item on their micro-seasonal menu! Using ingredients like kelp, ramps, summer squash, and other beautifully in-season ingredients, their food is pure art.

4. Fare Well

This all-vegan restaurant is perfect for fresh and comforting food. Expect dishes like vegan charcuterie boards, polenta fries, pierogis, and even broccoli mac and cheese! They also serve delicious vegan desserts that are perfect for anyone craving wholesome sweet treats.


Photo courtesy of April Greer

3. Mita

If you love Latin American food, then Mita is your place. Their menu features beautiful plant-based dishes like yuca casabe, watermelon crudo, coconut ceviche, and much more. The food is as beautiful as it is tasty!


Photo courtesy of Mita

2. Fancy Radish

This is the best place in the city for a vegan taste of global cuisine. From rutabaga fondue to Peruvian potatoes to radish robatayaki, this spot is perfect for adventurous eaters, or those of us who haven’t traveled in a hot second due to COVID-19. It’s an upscale exploration of globally loved meals, and it’s not to be missed.

1. Elizabeth’s Gone Raw

Consistently ranked as one of the best restaurants in the country (and one of the best vegan restaurants in the entire world), Elizabeth’s Gone Raw is a place that everyone needs to visit at least once in their lives. Feast on a six-course seasonal meal, filled with artful flavors, creative combinations, and whimsical presentations. Currently, their lovely menu includes chilled corn soup, crispy okra with hickory-glazed vine ripened tomatoes, melon sorbet with tarragon pearls, and birch sap ice cream among other concoctions. This eatery is the best place in the city to have a date night thanks to its romantic location in a luxurious townhouse, and it’s absolutely the best vegan restaurant in Washington D.C.

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