9 Best Vegan Cheese Shops In Europe

July 26, 2021

Traveling is so important for many reasons, and being vegan shouldn’t mean that you have to miss out on local flavors or experiences. Cheese in general is very hard for people to give up due to its addictive chemical make up, but when traveling around Europe, it can difficult for another reason—stereotypes. Americans especially tend to equate European trips with eating platefuls of cheese and snacking on blocks of it, so when a vegan wants to experience Europe, it’s common to think they’ll be missing out. The truth is, there’s no reason for vegans to not get to enjoy cheese while in Europe. There are so many great options, but here are the best vegan cheese shops in Europe.

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Best Vegan Cheese Shops in Europe

  1. Jay and Joy– Paris, France: This place is unbeatable. It’s the first vegan creamery in France, and in true French fashion, every cheese is artisanal, fresh, organic, and absolutely beautiful. You can grab every kind of veganized cheese- from bleu to brie to chevre to the sharpest of cheeses. You can also order incredibly colorful vegan charcuterie boards from them! Being such a cheese lover’s city, it’s incredible to see cruelty free cheese shops popping up here.
  2. La Fauxmagerie– London, England: Being the first vegan cheesemonger in the U.K. means they absolutely know what they’re doing with their cheeses. Expect luxurious plant-based cheeses like black truffle cashew cheese, smoky charcoal cashew cheese, bleu coconut cheese, prosecco feta, applewood soy cheese, white cheddar and cranberry, and many other beautiful creations!
  3. Veggut– Barcelona, Spain: This Spanish cheese shop isn’t only vegan- it’s also very focused on sustainability. With multiple certifications and their commitment to always use as little packaging as possible, enjoying their incredible smoky, creamy, or lavender cheeses isn’t just good for you and the animals, but it’s also good for our Mother Earth. That’s too good to pass up.
  4. Il Cashew Ficio– Genoa, Italy: Does it get better than getting to enjoy vegan cheese in Italy? Definitely not, and this place proves that with every artisan cheese they whip up. They make plant versions of classical cheeses like stracchino, camembert, and even Provincial cheeses covered in herbs. They also sell vegan meat to pair with them so make sure to ask for recommendations!
  5. Palace Culture– London, England: England is a fantastic place for dairy-free cheese, and this vegan cheese shop is among the best options there. Selling and making everything from luxury vegan cream cheeses, chive and shallot soft cheese spread, red wine infused vegan cheese, sacre bleu, and even kimchi cheese, this is a great place for vegans who love flavor explosions and want to try something new!
  6. Cremerie Vegane– Geneva, Switzerland: Switzerland is famous for their cheese, and this cheese shop is demonstrating how vegans can take part in that. They sell vegan Swiss cheese logs, cashew fondue, and even vegan whipped cottage cheese! Every ingredient is organic and fair trade, so not only does this place have options, but they also are a fantastically ethical business.
  7. Willicroft– Amsterdam, Netherlands: Self-processed cheese makers “for dairy lovers”, their priority is to make the best cheese you’ll ever eat- and it just happens to be vegan. Fusing old techniques with planet-friendly ingredients, this cheese shop is everything a vegan cheese connoisseur could ever want! Fill up on fondue, traditional cheese sauce, parmesan, feta, flemish truffle sauce, and mature cheddar- all 100% vegan.
  8. Vegan Gourmet– Bucharest, Romania: This cheese shop makes cashew cheeses, all made by an artisan chef. They sell deliciously creamy vegan cheese spreads, but specialize in cheese wheels incorporating the colorful flavors of the region. Their cumin-cured and zaatar-cured cheeses are especially good!
  9. Casheury– Malmo, Sweden: This Swedish vegan cheese shop makes their creations the traditional way in micro-batches, making this an extremely eco-friendly company to support! They use Tanzanian and responsibly sourced cashews as their base for every cheese, and use a lot of care to cheese every other ingredient. Their cheese wheels are beautifully decorated with flora and spices, honoring the flavors of Scandinavia. This is a must-try for those who appreciate beautiful food and the tastes of the North.

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Photo: Jay & Joy

Emily Iris Degn
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