Beauty Secrets: 10 Summer Makeup and Skincare Tips

July 4, 2014
Beauty Secrets: 10 Summer Makeup and Skincare Tips

Keep your summer beauty routine light and simple. Enjoy earthy bronze eyeshadow, a subtle rose lip, and, of course, sunscreen!

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Even if you live in a fairly temperate climate, chances are, your skincare and makeup routine will need a bit of an adjustment to play nicely with the warmer weather. Follow these professional tips for protecting your skin and preventing a literal makeup meltdown.

During the day:

1.  Apply even more SPF than usual. If you normally wear SPF 15, bump it up to SPF 30—and make sure you’re using broad-spectrum coverage to fend off both UVA (skin-Aging) and UVB (skin-Burning) rays. Read about sunscreen and sun-damage prevention here.

Beauty Secrets: 10 Summer Makeup and Skincare Tips

Lavanila SPF 40 Face Sunscreen

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2.  Because you may sweat more on a summer day, use a lighter moisturizer on your body and face. Your favorite winter moisturizer may feel heavy and greasy when it’s 90 degrees outside.

If the sun and heat are making your skin drier, however, try exfoliating in the shower with a simple scrub of equal parts raw sugar and olive oil. Rinse with water alone and pat dry.  Just enough oil remains on your skin to make you feel moisturized but not too greasy.

3. Steer clear of heavy cream foundations and opt for a tinted moisturizer or thin layer of mineral powder the right touch of sheer coverage. Any more may “melt” and run in humid and hot climates.

If your face starts looking a little too dewy, blot skin with an oil-absorbing sheet. While re-applying powder may help absorb excess oil, too much can look cakey fast.

4. Keep eyes simple with a warm, shimmery powder. A taupe-bronze flatters many skin tones. Apply a coat of black mascara or lash tint.

5. For daywear, apply a tinted balm or satin lipstick in soft peach or rose. If you’re wearing a bolder lip, keep the rest of your face dewy and simple.

6.  Rather than dust bronzer over your entire face, apply a bit only on the places where the sun naturally tans your face: the top of your nose, the edges of your face, and your outer cheeks. Carry a little down your neck, as well.

7.  For beach makeup: keep it as simple as possible. Water-proof mascara + lip and cheek stain will highlight your features without turning into a runny disaster.

8. If you’re outside, reapply sunscreen—especially on your chest where skin is thinner and more prone to damage. Also, don’t forget the back of your hands!

At night:

9. Use a cream cleanser to gently remove makeup, sunscreen, and general grime. If your skin is looking a bit congested, try switching to an activated charcoal soap, which will help draw out impurities for clearer skin. Soapwalla makes an activated charcoal bar soap that’s fairly gentle (beauty benefits of charcoal).

Beauty Secrets: 10 Summer Makeup and Skincare Tips

Soapwalla Activated Charcoal & Petitgrain Glycerin Soap Bar

10. Apply an antioxidant-rich serum to help repair and balance skin. You can save a little money by making your own serum. All you need is an organic carrier oil (like argan, coconut, sweet almond etc.) and essential oil(s) for your specific skin type. Lately I’ve been mixing a few drops of argan oil with a drop of frankincense oil, which is great for “environmentally challenged” and “problem” skin.


What’s your favorite summer beauty tip? Please share!

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Photos: Mary Hood, Lavanila Laboratories

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