Bangs Are *So* In This Season—Here’s How To Rock Them According To Hair Pros

April 22, 2019

I have probably stumbled across more magazine quizzes asking “Should You Get Bangs???” than times I have actually had bangs cut. Over the course of the last ten years, I’ve had bangs twice (including grey-zone “face framing” layers), and both times left me pining for my hair to grow back. The regret!

Each time, the root of the problem (oof, sorry for the hair pun) was miscommunication with the hair stylist. I didn’t go into enough detail about how I wanted the hair to lie, how I know my hair (mis)behaves, and how much time I’d be able to spend styling my bangs. Now that I’ve been to bang hell and back, I’m contemplating getting fringe again. Am I crazy? Brave? Maybe just bored? Yes, yes, and yes.

My go-to cut is long with fairly play-it-safe layers, but it’s starting to feel more like a mop than a style. To make the prospect of bangs even more tempting, there are so many cute trendy fringe looks this season—from a full, classic fringe to Parisian-chic micro bangs to Bardot-esque curtain bangs to sweet, sweepy side bangs…

Bangs Are *So* In This Season—Here’s How To Rock Them According To Hair Pros

This time around, however, I’m doing my research. In addition to having a more in-depth conversation with my stylist, I’m looking into bang maintenance and pro tips for efficiently styling my fringe. Here’s what the bang-curious need to know!

Making the Cut

Ask about razoring. Getting your bangs razored lightens them up, making them easier to style or brush to the side. They’re also less likely to hang in your face like big chunks of hair, which has been my problem with my previous bangs thanks to my hair being straight, dark,  and thick—which leads me to my next point. 

Talk to your stylist about your hair texture. The texture of your hair will determine the limits of what’s possible with your bangs. For example, with my hair, I don’t think I could ever create a wispy look. Don’t be afraid to ask plenty of questions, and be honest about how your hair really behaves.


Consider your face shape. Bangs can soften harder angles of the face or draw attention to cheekbones—it all depends on the cut of your bangs and the shape of your face. This slide show created by InStyle is a great start. Your face shape is another factor to discuss with your stylist. 

Have a convo with your stylist about maintenance and cost. Will you need to visit the salon to trim your bangs every few weeks? How much will it cost, or are bang trims complimentary? These are important questions to ask before making the cut.


Keeping your Bangs Bangin’

Not planning to shampoo your entire mane? Shampoo just your bangs. “If you are the type of girl who likes to go to SoulCycle three days a week (or any other workout routine), you can save your blow-dry by simply shampooing your bangs, like washing your face, and blow drying them. This is my favorite cheat, because you don’t have to style the rest of your hair! It’s a quick shortcut for the girl running back to work,” stylist Liana Le says.

Bangs Are *So* In This Season—Here’s How To Rock Them According To Hair Pros

Blow dry. Blow dry your bangs as soon as you get out of the shower. Bangs dry rather quickly, meaning that your time to shape them the way you need to is limited. “When styling, use a flat brush and blow dry the hair from left to right diagonally down and across the forehead, this way you relax all the challenging natural movement and your fringe will lie beautifully,” suggests Dana Lyseng.

Bangs Are *So* In This Season—Here’s How To Rock Them According To Hair Pros

Flat Brush for Blow Drying

Try a tiny straightener.  Lock in your style with the help of a tiny ceramic straightener. Remember that you can angle the straightener to create a curve in your bangs if needed. Plus, the tiny tool will bring out the shine in your hair.

Bangs Are *So* In This Season—Here’s How To Rock Them According To Hair Pros

HSI Mini Ceramic Straightener

Make use of dry shampoo. Apply dry shampoo to the roots around your bangs before you go to bed at night, and brush it out in the morning. This will boost volume, absorb excess oil, and preserve your blowout.

Bangs Are *So* In This Season—Here’s How To Rock Them According To Hair Pros

Acure Organics Dry Shampoo

Are you thinking of getting bangs this season? What’s your favorite way to wear your hair during warmer weather?

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