7 Emotionally Supportive Activities To Try When You're Stuck At Home

March 16, 2020

With experts recommending social distancing as the best way to flatten the curve of COVID-19, most of us are finding ourselves regretfully canceling social plans or skipping everyday activities that require us to leave our homes. Some folks are even in the process of transitioning to remote or partially remote work. This sudden shift to more time in the home may feel nice at first (even if the circumstances are troubling), but after a while, even those of us who identify as homebodies may feel isolated, bored, or stir-crazy. It’s only natural.

Furthermore, with the influx of stressful news, we may also experience heightened anxiety and frustration. Again, it’s only natural, and you are not alone in having these feelings.

The important thing to remember is that by doing less or by doing nothing outside of your home, you’re doing something. And you’re doing the right something that could ultimately save lives. The more we’re able to physically isolate ourselves, the better we can mitigate the spread of coronavirus and reduce the likelihood of overwhelming our medical system, among other unfortunate consequences.

During this time, we’d be wise to make space (as much as possible) for activities in the home that support us emotionally and spiritually. While binging Netflix/Instagram may have its place in our downtime, I’ve enjoyed coming up with (mostly) non-screen activities because I’ll be spending more time on my computer for work purposes, and it’s nice to give our eyes a break from devices!  The following are just a few ideas to help you through your increased time at home.

7 Emotionally Supportive Activities To Try When You're Stuck At Home

7 Emotionally Supportive Activities To Try When You’re Stuck At Home

Call your friends. Instead of meeting for drinks with your friends, organzine a video conference call happy hour. You can drink rosé from the comfort of your sofa while still having social time. Try the free version of Zoom or do a classic three-way call (relive those middle school days!). You can even set a theme for your happy hour call—such as each person shares a few things that have kept them inspired or uplifted. However you do it, the key is to stay in touch so you’re consistently reminded of your strong connections.

Establish a spiritual ritual if you don’t have one already. Take at least 10 minutes out of your day to unplug, read a spiritually inspiring book, do some breathwork, or simply journal.

Do some spring cleaning. I realize that many of us feel the need to disinfect our homes from floor to ceiling even if it’s highly unlikely that coronavirus is actually in our homes. If you’re in that boat, disinfect away! But the kind of spring cleaning I’m talking about it a happy kind! Tidy your makeup drawer, rearrange the books on your shelves, straighten your closet (so that when we’re able to go out and enjoy our favorite clothes again, your wardrobe will be extra inviting!). If you’ll be working from home, spiff up your workspace and make it as comfortable/cute as you can. Don’t forget the good tunes while you clean!

Workout from home with others. Subscription fitness platforms like obé offer live classes you can join so you can exercise with others in real-time. Alternatively, you and a pal can coordinate with each other to select a free fitness video (maybe some from our archive!) to watch at the same time and then report back to one another about how it went and what you plan to try next.

Organize your pantry. We’ve all heard about stocking up on dry goods to prepare for extended time at home. Sensible advice! But it can make for more chaotic pantries. While not a bad problem to have, an overstock of pantry items calls for some organizing. You can have some fun with it by looking up (or inventing) recipes that use your ingredients in a creative way–or you can take before and after pics of your pantry for your friends. (Yes, we may have to adjust our expectations for what we consider entertaining!).

Get some vitamin D. Depending on where you are, you may feel comfortable walking outside. If not, sit by a sunny window or on a sunny balcony for 10-30 minutes a day. Getting a little sun is good for mood and immunity.

Develop your gratitude practice. Practicing gratitude has special benefits for health, and naming what you’re thankful for can be especially comforting during times of heightened anxiety and uncertainty.  One of my favorite ways to practice gratitude is to think of three things I’m grateful for or three good things that happened to me today and three ways I did something good or helpful.

How will you spend your time at home in the coming weeks? 

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