Ask PD: Anti Inflammatory Foods and Vegan Vitamins

January 29, 2015

Ask PD: Anti Inflammatory Foods and Vegan Vitamins

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1. What are some vegan anti inflammatory foods I can add to my diet? — Philip

Whether you’re feeling bloated from diet (eating lots of sugar and fat), stress, or have another more chronic condition that contributes to inflammation (arthritis), there are plenty of effective and natural ways to feel well in no time. The quickest way to fight inflammation is through medicines (Advil, etc.), but food is by far the better and more sustainable option. And you might be surprised that many of options are 100% vegan and probably already in your refrigerator and pantry. Key ingredients are:

– omega-3 fatty acids (walnuts and almonds are great sources)
– whole grains
– soy
– dark leafy vegetables
– red fruits and vegetables (berries, cherries; peppers, beets, and tomatoes)
turmeric and ginger
– garlic and onion
– olive oil

An anti-inflammatory day might taste like this:

Healthy Breakfast: Nutty Sorghum and Quinoa Breakfast Pudding

Nutty Sorghum and Quinoa breakfast pudding


Breakfast: Hot cereal prepared with almond milk, savory (with chopped kale, baked tofu, and spices) or sweet (with berries, cinnamon, and nuts)
Lunch: A salad topped with lentils, raw veggies, edamame, and a spicy dressing.
Dinner: Root vegetables roasted with garlic and olive oil, with a side of fluffy quinoa.
Snacks: I think the peanut butter sandwich is an overlooked culinary masterpiece, and made with a slice of hearty whole grain and organic nut butter you’ll be satisfied between meals.
Throughout the day, try drinking warm water or green tea with lemon and a dash of tumeric, which gives a kick to a plain drink.

These foods can be interchanged in infinite ways according to your taste and the season, so have fun playing and incorporating similar recipes into your daily life. Feel better!

2. I would love to read a post about vegan friendly multivitamins and vegan friendly cleaning products! Love your blog! Thanks, Jennifer

Hey Jennifer! Thanks for loving PD :D. Now, we’ve discussed vegan vitamins and cleaning products in some depth a few times in the past. Here are the 3 supplements you should be taking. In addition to these, it’s good to remain conscious of your zinc, calcium, and magnesium intake. A vegan multivitamin should cover these overall vitamins needs. You can add to this a vegan Omega 3 supplement like this one by NatureMade.

We’ve also talked about vegan and all natural ways to clean your home!  It looks like you’re getting to your spring cleaning a little early this year 😉 Let us know if you have any other questions!

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