Animal Lithotherapy: A Colorful Way To Keep Your Furry Companions Healthy & Happy

February 6, 2023

Animal lithotherapy is a form of alternative medicine that can improve health in a vegan, cruelty-free, and colorful way. As a matter of fact, crystals have been used since the dawn of time to prevent a wide range of disturbances that could affect our bodies and minds. Historically, crystals have also revealed a more magical dimension because they are also known for their powers against evil entities. We won’t speak about esoterism but about the pragmatic way to use gemstones in our daily lives and how to make it fun. Now, let’s discover how you can create a balanced and healthy environment for your animals and for yourself using beautiful gemstones!

The pragmatic magic of gemstones

Lithotherapy is an additional therapy in which we use stones to prevent illness and to help healing diseases. Hence, if you treat gemstones with care, they will bring good waves by transferring an energy that will radiate throughout your entire home.
Although all stones have positive properties, they should not be chosen randomly. First of all because we want to focus on the specific problem your little one is experiencing. In addition, not all gemstones are free from animal cruelty. Indeed, you need to be careful not to buy mother-of-pearl or pearls. The first one can be spread on some stones and the second one is considered as a “stone” even if it comes from a living being.

The first step of your journey through the power of stones

You will have to identify clearly what problem you want to avoid or what illness you want to help healing with the stones. To do that, you will necessarily need to consult a veterinarian. Allopathic medicine will ever be the first step because we don’t have the medical skills to know if our dear companions are experiencing a little stress problem or a serious disease.
Once you know exactly what your animal is going through, let’s find what gemstones can help him. Regardless of the condition of your little one, creating a more balanced environment will always help him.

When lithotherapy brings colors to our lives

At this point, you know what benefits you want to get from your adventure with gemstones, let’s see how to choose the perfect ones. Naturally, lithotherapy focuses on chakras. Therefore, we will choose the stones that resonate with the chakra that needs harmony. All of this will also be a matter of color.

Most animals have eight major chakras

Colors and locations of animal chakras

The Crown Chakra is violet and located over the head;

The Third Eye is deep blue and is between the eyes;

The Throat Chakra is light blue and located over the vocal cords;

The Heart Chakra is green and it is in the breast;

The Solar Plexus Chakra has the yellow color and is in the middle of the back or under the belly;

The Sacral Chakra is the orange one and is located between the tail and the middle of the back;

The Root Chakra is red and it is at the base of the tail; and

The Brachial Chakra is black and located between the shoulders. This chakra is unique to animals, humans don’t have a Brachial Chakra.


Because you know exactly what health problem your animal has, you will be able to determine which chakra needs to be harmonized. You will see that the color of the Chakra corresponds most of the time with the color of the gemstone needed.
For example, if you need to give your cat to a friend for the holidays, he may suffer from the separation. This will be connected to the Heart Chakra because the cat will feel anxious.  Also, the Brachial and the Root Chakras are involved in everything so they need special care everyday. Consequently, in this case, you can choose a beautiful Unakite and you can add a Dalmatian Jasper or a Pink Quartz. Indeed, the Unakite which is green and red, will help soothe the anxiety and bring calm to the Heart Chakra. It will also help balance the Root Chakra. Finally, the Dalmatian Jasper, which is black and white, will help your animal stay focused and calm.

You now have your gemstones and are ready to use them. Make sure to ask for advice on how to purify and charge your stones when you buy them. To take good care of your animal, your stones also need you to take good care of them so they are always full of good energy.

An holistic and non-invasive way to prevent and alleviate pain.

Lithotherapy works as a holistic medicine that will always be painless for the animal. Basically, the holistic aspect is a real benefit because it will take care of your animal mind and body. Also, you will benefit from the gemstones energy too. In addition, the fact that this therapy is pain-free can strengthen your relationship with your companion. In fact, to use your crystals, you only need to place them close to your animal. You don’t need to do anything else except enjoy the beauty and good vibes that emanate from these stones.

Colorful and classy.

A fun way to make the magic of gemstones come true is to make a DIY collar for your animal companion. First of all, you need iron wire, the preferred collar of your companion and your stone. Create a spiral around the gem with the iron wire and put this amazing pendant you just created on the collar. Be very careful not to have any wire that sticks out and can hurt your animal and that the gem is not too big (that can be heavy) or too small (your fur friend can swallow it).

Don’t forget that the goal here is to heal and harmonize, not to put jewels on our animals for an aesthetic purpose. When you see that your animal is feeling better, take the pendant away from his collar and maybe, add it as a beautiful decoration for the cat tree.

You are now ready to enjoy the harmonizing power of gemstones without moderation!


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Photo: Pranachic NZ via Flickr; Charlie Zimmerman via Flickr

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