How Animal Communication Strengthened My Relationship With Animals

January 24, 2022

When I became vegan, I consciously realized for the first time my deep bond with animals. It was Thanksgiving of 2006 when I saw what was being done to the turkey my Mom was “preparing.” Right at that moment, I knew that turkeys did not want that fate. Now, many, many, years later I’m thriving as an ethical vegan. Undoubtedly, I’m grateful for having made that choice.

One day I met a friend in an activist group I was a part of who told me all about animal communication. The subject fascinated me. We can actually talk with animals?! I didn’t know quite how at that time, but I knew that I would become an animal communicator. Just imagine a world where we all have that connection to animals. Doesn’t it sound ideal? No more wondering why your dog hates the mailman. Or why your cat goes crazy at the sight of catnip. That superpower exists, and we can all tap into it.

Animal communicators work by intuitively and energetically connecting with animals in order to gain messages and insights from them.

This type of telepathic communication is a practice. Some communicators happen to randomly discover this skill as their own, while others work to gain it. For me, I had to learn how to communicate with animals. And not everyone takes me seriously when I tell them this. Cognitive dissonance is a huge barrier in terms of metaphysical practices like this because it bends our notions on what can be in the realm of possibility. Of course, in the beginning, I was a bit skeptical. But I was also a bit mad that I didn’t know about it sooner! 

I started developing the skill during monthly zoom sessions with a group of other animal communicators. This group is facilitated by my friend, who is an advanced communicator. She leads us in a meditation where we go through a process of steps in order to be receptive to the animals we are connecting with. It’s important in this work to be able to stay grounded and trust that whatever comes through is meant to be. There’s no right or wrong. Just like in meditation, the goal isn’t to stop thinking, rather it is a chance to drop deeper into yourself through the breath. As we breathe during these meditations, we allow the realm of “impossible” to cross over into the realm of not only possible but probable. 

The sessions usually last about 45 minutes and after I will journal all that came up for me. The group sometimes shares their individual messages through our social media platform and I’m always fascinated by how specific the messages are to each individual person. It’s almost like the animals know exactly what we are going through and how they can help. I truly believe we are here to coexist with the animal kingdom, and they have SO much to teach us.

My understanding of animals and how they function has become so much clearer now after my experiences speaking with them. 

Now, you might be wondering how the whole speaking part works. The analogy I like to give to others is that of someone who is deaf. Speaking words from our mouth, in whatever native language, is not the only way to communicate. Those that are deaf use their hands through sign language to communicate. It’s just as effective to those that use that type of communication. So when it comes to animal communication, I’m not exchanging dialogue in the same way that I would be if I’m talking casually to someone else. With this type of work, I can ask certain questions and patiently allow messages to come through via words, images, sounds, and even visceral feelings in my own body. Other times I just wait and allow anything and everything to come through. I’ve experienced all different types of messages and every single session has been different. It’s amazing!

I still practice by myself with my friends’ beloved pets. Sometimes I’ll help by offering suggestions on what their pets may want or need, and other times I’ll receive a message on behavior that their guardians need to shift in order for their animals to be at ease. Animals, especially our companion animals, are like portals into our own hearts. They help us see what it is we need to work on, or let go, in order to live a life more aligned to our truths.

We are here for them, just as much as they are here for us. 

Next time you sit down with your pet, or any animal, try closing your eyes and breathing deeply. See a picture of your heart and a door in your heart opening up. Then sit with your animal either in your lap, or have a strong, vivid image of them in your mind and ask to connect with them. This way you give them autonomy too. From there, it can be as simple as sending love from your heart to theirs. You can visualize a ray of white light coming from your heart to theirs. Whatever resonates, just trust. This is a simple practice to start in building that trust and connection. 

If you are interested in learning more, I highly recommend the book Learning Their Language: Intuitive Communication with Animals and Nature by Marta Williams. It contains exercises that you can practice as well. With anything, practice makes an ounce of difference. If you feel like you already have a special bond with animals, then this type of work is perfect for you. I feel much closer to my own pets and to the whole animal kingdom because of this work. They want to help us, and I can sense that. It’s as if they are finally being heard and acknowledged. Imagine how good that must feel.

So don’t be hard on yourself when you’re learning how to talk to animals. Accept that whatever comes through is what needs to come through, no matter how crazy it may sound. Animals have such different personalities, just like us humans. And if talking to them still seems crazy, just be open to the possibility of connecting to other species. Truthfully, we are all interconnected. It’s not up to us to know how or why, but trust that we have so much love to give to others, human and non-human.

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Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash

Paige Butzlaff
Paige has been writing since she was 7 years old. She's an avid fan of reading, especially metaphysical books, and sipping on matcha tea lattes. An ethical vegan, Paige is passionate about activism and raising awareness. Her passions also include yoga and cats. She calls Southern California her home and the Universe her playground. Follow Paige on Instagram @beingpaige and YouTube.


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