Alicia Silverstone Says *This* Is The Food To Eat If You Want To Save Your Skin

September 6, 2018

Alicia Silverstone has undoubtedly reached goddess status as far as most vegans (and 90s girls) are concerned. Her animal advocacy has touched thousands thanks to her informative yet accessible Kind books (the first on diet and the second on pregnancy and childbirth). Naturally, I let out an audible “ooh!” when I noticed that Into the Gloss got a peek into Silverstone’s all-vegan beauty arsenal. (Be still, my heart!) It felt like striking gold.


Interestingly, despite being a veritable beauty icon, Silverstone is not much of a product junkie or beauty nerd, especially compared to other celebs! She confessed that she might apply full-body moisturizer once a month(!) and may even sleep with her makeup on if the makeup artist did a good job and she wants to enjoy it the next day—“I know that’s terrible, but I don’t care.” (Do not try that at home, boy and girls.) But perhaps her wanton beauty ways just go to show the extent of her magic powers—or that of her animal-free lifestyle.

You may as well throw every single beauty product away if you’re not going to eat clean,” she says. “Fitness is important, but it’s not going to help you if you don’t eat well. Sometimes I get too busy to exercise, so I’m so grateful I have clean eating as my foundation to rely on.”


Alivia Silverstone and fellow vegan Mena Suvari, both are starring in American Woman.

She continues, explaining that changing her diet solved her skin problems while allowing her to stay radiant no matter what. “I’m actually terrible about taking care of my skin. It’s the food that saves me. I can wear no makeup, and be really, really tired, but if I’ve been eating clean then my skin is glowing, my eyes are white, and I feel great,” she says. “Before my diet changed I used to have massive breakouts. I had cystic acne all over the place, and it was embarrassing. Once we had to re-shoot an entire scene because of my skin. Those issues don’t exist anymore—that’s the exciting thing.”

But wait, she’s not done laying down the tough love—“I’m not obsessed with anti-aging, but I know that anti-aging comes from food. If you want to look young, eat greens. I know it’s frustrating, but it’s really the truth.” (BRB, running to the kitchen to make a green smoothie.)

Alicia Silverstone does use some products. The following are a few of her favorites! 

Alicia Silverstone Shares Beauty Favs & “Frustrating” Radiant Skin Ingredient

Face Halo: “It’s a new one that’s just a face cloth. I like that because you don’t have to use any product, you just wet the cloths with water”

Alicia Silverstone Shares Beauty Favs & “Frustrating” Radiant Skin Ingredient

“I’m really into Garden Apothecary Higher Ground Facial Serum because, smell it. It’s divine. It’s all-natural—it’s like chocolate or coffee or something”

Alicia Silverstone Shares Beauty Favs & “Frustrating” Radiant Skin Ingredient

“The Dr. Hauschka Volume Mascara is really great—I like my lashes to look thick, and the brush is really important.”

Alicia Silverstone Shares Beauty Favs & “Frustrating” Radiant Skin Ingredient

“I like 100% Pure for their eyeshadows, the one called Pretty Naked.”

Alicia Silverstone Shares Beauty Favs & “Frustrating” Radiant Skin Ingredient

Giovanni is my favorite brand of shampoo and conditioner. I sleep on my hair while it’s still wet, and that gives it texture.”

Alicia Silverstone Shares Beauty Favs & “Frustrating” Radiant Skin Ingredient

“And as for fragrance, I really love Stella McCartney fragrances. Those are my sexy scents, but they’re not clean. My natural scent is one I created for myself—it’s got geranium in it.”


What are your vegan beauty staples?

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Photo:  (Alicia) Wikipedia commons; Respective Brands

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