Abundance Mindset: Should We Be Easy Or Cautious With Money To Attract More Of It?

September 23, 2021

There are conflicting ideas about the right attitude to Money. Some say you should spend easily so that more of it flows into your life with that ease. Others say self-control and spending discipline are crucial. Some say you should live in the now and not be afraid to invest into current enjoyment, and others say you should make a plan for reaching your dreams and goals, and stay focused. I have been struggling with these opposite opinions, and in this article I will share what I think is the right attitude to money.


Does abundance mindset mean spending more?

Many spiritual teachers of our time suggest that the shortest route to manifesting your desires is living as if you already have everything you wish for. Attraction of situations and opportunities happens through the feeling that comes with already having them. Contrary to the misconception that you need to gain something in order to start feeling a certain way, we need to cultivate the feeling first and then our reality will readjust itself to match the vibration we project.

From this perspective, one may come to a conclusion that if your desire is being rich then you should start spending money as if you are rich. But I believe this is less about the action and more about the attitude. Even if you still spend within your regular budget but just let go of that money easier, that should do the trick. Abundance attitude does not imply spending money like there is no tomorrow. It matters more what you spend it on (and we will get to that) and how confident you are that this expense is serving you and that this money will make its way back to you, maybe double or triple the amount.

“With every Euro that I spend, I make twice more”

This is a very nice mantra, that we should say every time we make a purchase. Variations of it are triple, quadruple the amount and so on. No spending should happen with a feeling of agitation, self blame, concern, or regret. This charges the transaction with negativity, and then it should best be avoided (when it’s not a must, like rent).

If you choose to pay for something, focus on the benefit you gain from it, the feelings, experiences, and emotions this object or opportunity brings into your life. For instance, if you choose to buy some piece of clothing, focus on how nice it would feel to wear it, not on how this spending is excessive. Some expenses could simply be providing convenience or peace of mind.

For instance, many of us realize that paying taxes is a questionable duty. Yet, we live in a society where refusing to do so can bring about annoying consequences. When you pay for your taxes, see it as paying for your peace of mind. In these situations the mantra I mentioned is particularly helpful. When we can’t avoid paying for something, we should at minimum feel like we can afford it, to charge this transaction with abundance over lack.

Abundance mindset versus attachment

Learn to distinguish between enjoying various things and tying your happiness to possessing or experiencing something. This very much applies to money. If you wish to have more of it, it should not be “when I get this much money, I will finally do or become…”. All the material expressions in this world are just a projection of our energy and internal state of being. Creating the physical experiences comes from within, from feeling enough and feeling that you have enough. That is why the main instrument of attracting more money is feeling like you have enough right now to feel blessed.

We need to learn to find happiness and joy simply from within, from the way we wake up and spend our day, from finding out the things we love doing that are free of charge. Many spiritual teachers call it “play”. Dedicate time every day to play, engage into activities that bring your joy and laughter. This will help you realize that you can reach the feeling of bliss even without paying for a pricey vacation, for instance. And that feeling of bliss experienced daily will then navigate those vacations into your reality.

Spend on what sets your soul on fire

This is a very powerful advice. Key to living our most beautiful life is in following our excitement and passion in everything. If something makes us feel thrilled, alive, trembling in anticipation of it, and lights up our eyes, it is an absolute must that we go for it. These sensations are our guidance, the messages from the Universe guiding us towards the best life we deserve. I firmly believe that this kind of spending can never deprive you of anything and only multiply whatever you have. So follow that course that interests you, sign up for a new class, buy that new piece of entertainment or equipment for your hobby.

People often live just looking into the future, their plans and desired outcomes, forgetting that life passes by every day, hour, and minute. You could have done something awesome with this money today, instead of saving up for years ahead. Should you overspend on something to impress others (like a status item)? Not a good idea. Should you overspend on something that you think will make you feel good? Does not sound right. Should you overspend on something that burns up that fire within you? Yes, and it is never overspending. The difference is in feeling, and not thinking or reading someone telling you what you need.

Abundance mindset regarding money is, thus, willingness to follow our heart in making financial decisions and taking a leap of faith when following our excitement. But it is not spending money mindlessly and on things that do not serve us. And this does not mean only spending on what makes you healthy, for instance. Ice cream can serve you. Pricey clothing item can serve you. As long as you do not believe that your joy depends on it, and see it as an occasional treat you very much deserve and can afford.

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Anna Chuzhmarova
Anna is a certified biofield tuning practitioner, Reiki healer and writer. She lives in Amsterdam, is a sunset, moon, water, and life appreciator and enjoys time with her loved ones, studying spirituality and healing techniques, sports, yoga, dancing, and self-care. She is passionate about helping others discover the infinite power and love within them and live their best lives. Her Instagram account is @tuningtolove.


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