7 Totally Doable Holiday-Ready Beauty Tips from Top Makeup Artists

November 19, 2020

7 Totally Doable Holiday-Ready Beauty Tips from Makeup Experts

Holiday season is nearly here, and we’re already thinking about those holidays parties where we can show off our glam side and be just a bit more daring with festive beauty looks (glitter, anyone?). With that spirit in mind, we’ve rounded up a few user-friendly insider tips that will take the stress out of getting ready and inspire you to try some of the freshest looks of the fall-winter season. And because we’re Peaceful Dumplings, we’ve got some great vegan and cruelty-free product recommendations.

7 Holiday Beauty Tips from Makeup Experts

Create a Radiant Base

7 Totally Doable Holiday-Ready Beauty Tips from Makeup Experts

Starting with a good base allows the rest of your makeup look to fall into place. Makeup artist Laura Mercier cautions us about overdoing it with foundation, however: “You want people to say, ‘Your skin looks great!’ and not, ‘Your makeup looks great.’ We have to see the pores on your face and the skin’s transparency.” Fortunately, light-reflecting foundations and tinted moisturizers are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Try Antonym Cosmetics Baked Foundation for a light, breathable finish. 

Going for the radiant look? Skip the heavy moisturizer: “It seems counterintuitive, but you want to prep the skin using an oil-free cleanser,” says dermatologist Patricia Wexler. “Anything containing oil will make you look greasy.”

Get Glowing

7 Totally Doable Holiday-Ready Beauty Tips from Makeup Experts

The whole strobing trend is here to stay—but it’s really easy to master. For a gorgeous, party-ready look, makeup artist Poppy King advises taking a page from the beauty book of silver screen stars and applying highlighter to the high points of your face (cheekbones, bridge of the nose, and cupid’s bow): “It reminds me of the way movie stars in the ’20s and ’30 used makeup to mimic flattering lighting for the big screen.” Try the beautiful Mineral Shimmer by Lily Lolo.

Draw Attention to Your Lips

7 Totally Doable Holiday-Ready Beauty Tips from Makeup Experts

Pick a color—any color. Now add plumpness to your lips with this two-second tip from NYC makeup artist Nick Barose: Simply press a bit of metallic eyeshadow in a similar shade onto the center of your bottom lip. “This gives the color dimension, so it doesn’t look flat like a Pantone color card.” Check out the mineral eye shadow pots by Modern Minerals.

Perfect Your Brows

If you’ve got a great brow game, take it to the next level with a little highlighter. Brow expert Sabah Feroz swears by applying highlighter (not sparkly eye shadow) under the brow as close the hair as possible. “It’s like an instant brow lift without the Botox.”

Be Playful with Glitter

7 Totally Doable Holiday-Ready Beauty Tips from Makeup Experts

Intimidated by glitter? No need! It can be beautiful (not tacky) and quite easy to use (not super frustrating). The key is to start small according to makeup artist Georgina Graham. “Keeping the glitter to just one corner of the eye makes it far more chic and effortless. I use a cream shimmer shadow for staying power and then add glitter on top. This way you can layer up the chunkier glitter, taking it as far as suits you.” These pots of eye glitter by Butter London are so easy to use—and so pretty!

Make Your Eyes Smolder

7 Totally Doable Holiday-Ready Beauty Tips from Makeup Experts

Does anyone else struggle with lining her upper waterline?! Makeup artist Ricky Wilson suggests lining the bottom waterline with a long-wearing pencil and then blinking a few times: “The excess liner transfers to your top inner rim; that’s the cheat.” The bottom lash line may eventually smudge, but if you’re going for a sultry eye in the first place, then you’ve got built-in “smoke.” Try Evelyn Iona Natural & Organic Gel Eyeliner.

Get Lashes for Days

7 Totally Doable Holiday-Ready Beauty Tips from Makeup Experts

I have personally used the following tip from makeup artist Ramy Gafni—and it’s perfect for creating the false lash look without grappling with actual falsies. “Apply mascara, then pat pressed powder onto your lashes and add another coat of mascara,” he explains. “The powder acts as a thickener and keeps mascara in place.” If you’re worried about powder fallout, gently press a tissue underneath the eye while dusting powder on the lashes. Try Nu Evolution Loose Powder.

What are your favorite holiday beauty tips? 

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